Terjemahan dari discern
see, view, look, notice, sight, discern
understand, grasp, comprehend, realize, conceive, discern
imbibe, impress, discern, pay close attention, fix, convince
Definisi discern
perceive or recognize (something).
I can discern no difference between the two policies
  • perceive, make out, pick out, detect, recognize, notice, observe, see, spot, identify,determine, distinguish, descry, espy
  • distinguish, spot, tell apart, make out, recognize, pick out
As I approached the chair I was able to discern some, but not all, of their characteristics.
They began to discern shapes, touching them and discovering them again as if from new.
students quickly discern what is acceptable to the teacher
pupils quickly discern what is acceptable to the teacher
she could faintly discern the shape of a skull
It gives us some of the infrared we need to discern the shapes in the current darkness.
Using touch alone it’s difficult to discern individual buttons on this phone.
A charming, and thankfully short, tune with two different and rather difficult to discern time signatures.
It is up to the teacher to discern which students are up to the task and which are not.
I could barely discern the huddled shape of my parents standing in their doorway.
I can discern no difference between the two policies
I can discern no difference between the two policies
Sea conditions were similar to the day before, and I was able to discern the shape of the wreck from 60m on.
Her feline sensitive ears could discern a distinct cry coming from each man’s mouth.
They seem to be able to discern flavours more easily and to identify, discriminate and remember flavours better.
she could faintly discern the shape of a skull
An observant viewer of the Double portrait will discern the remains of a burnt-out candle in the front right sconce.
None of the characters undergo any kind of discernible transformation during their week in the desert.
Much could be discerned about national style from the effort.
From the annals of Indian history, it can be discerned that the role of women in the society is no less than men.
Readers will have readily discerned a further symbol.
But where we find our true calling in this fight, is against the judgmental way that these otherdiscerners speak out.
With its limited focus upon a day where a number of important issues came to a head, incomplete or biased coverage could quickly be discerned .
He discerns a vague sense of creepiness, as if the shadows of the night are trying to communicate the strange message he is delivering.
All the landholding data he cited pertained to a single point of time from which no time-trend can possibly be discerned .
In many cases, statistically significant differences could be discerned by participants.
There was an almost discernible sigh of relief over evidence of resilience in house prices.
The fingers keep up their exploratory wiggling, each discovering how far it can reach and in what directions it can move, each discerning the shape and feel of the others.
The sauce was thick, almost like a gravy, and bits of squid and various other fruits of the sea could be discerned in it.
There is no obvious reason, no cyclical pattern that can be discerned for these ups and downs.
to discern



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