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Definisi jurisdiction
the official power to make legal decisions and judgments.
federal courts had no jurisdiction over the case
sinonim: authority, control, power, dominion, rule, administration, command, sway, leadership, sovereignty, hegemony
  • authority, control, power, dominion, rule, administration, command, sway, leadership,sovereignty, hegemony
  • territory, region, province, district, area, domain, realm
  • legal power
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If that is the case, the defendant will simply have to remain in custody, if no suitable surety within thejurisdiction can be found.
The council is required by law to review conservation areas in their jurisdiction on a periodical basis.
And for other breaches the Master can be fined if it is within the jurisdiction .
We question whether plaintiff may obtain personal jurisdiction over the defendant in this judicial district.
The foundations of the present administrative law jurisdiction of common law courts is found in this process.
Due service within the jurisdiction depended on whether that defendant had at the time of service been domiciled in this country.
Well, the other theory of the Constitution is that the appellate jurisdiction is a special jurisdiction .
To that extent, if there are costs incurred by the marshal in meeting that they are the subject of a fulsome undertaking by a person within the jurisdiction .
The undertaking was expressly stated to be governed by English law and any dispute was subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English High Court.
It was, as a matter of English law, an automatic consequence of the loss of the goods within thejurisdiction .
Is there a threatened breach of contract within the jurisdiction ?
But section 44 of the Judiciary Act expressly empowers us to remit things within our jurisdiction .
It does not sound like the sort of case the High Court, in the limited jurisdiction of judicial review, would become involved in.
Mutual recognition is the sole guarantor that there will be a relatively level playing field in any sourcejurisdiction .
federal courts had no jurisdiction over the case
The adjudicator is not exercising the residual jurisdiction of judicial review.
This is not to say that the case-law on the inherent jurisdiction of the High Court is wholly irrelevant.
Magistrates declined jurisdiction of the case because they felt their powers of punishment would not be adequate if the men were found guilty.
But in these cases we would presumably want them to be tried within the jurisdiction in which they committed their crimes.
No evidence is before the court that any new appliance is under design or construction – or even in contemplation, within the jurisdiction .
What is different here, though, is that there is no competing jurisdiction with an interest.
These cases fall within the ancillary or incidental jurisdiction of the International Tribunal.
There is no requirement that the act of greater evil should be unlawful, nor that it take place within thejurisdiction .
National courts can try defendants, whether or not they are nationals and whether the offences occurred within the jurisdiction .
Last Friday, President Bush signed a bill modifying federal jurisdiction over class action law suits.
This was a decision in the original jurisdiction of this Court.
The pressures of determining jurisdiction and the limits of sovereignty is growing.
the English court had no jurisdiction over the defendants
The Court has been criticized for expanding its jurisdiction into areas that should be reserved for national courts.
Indeed many local governments act as if their main goal were to maximize land values within thejurisdiction .
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