Terjemahan dari malady
disease, illness, sickness, ailment, ill, malady
Definisi malady
a disease or ailment.
an incurable malady
sinonim: illness, sickness, disease, infection, ailment, disorder, complaint, indisposition, affliction, infirmity, syndrome, bug, virus
  • illness, sickness, disease, infection, ailment, disorder, complaint, indisposition, affliction,infirmity, syndrome, bug, virus
  • illness, unwellness, sickness
Maybe mad cow disease is the malady I have – perfect that a Hindu would get it.
an incurable malady
Regular physical malady we diagnose the ailment and develop a course of treatment.
He was Prince John, the youngest son of George V, born in 1905 and afflicted with the dreaded maladyof kings – epilepsy.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a new name for an old malady .
Then there is the mysterious malady called brain fever, which always attacks the heroine after a crisis, but which is unknown under that name to the textbooks.
an incurable malady
When Nora was still a toddler, Woody began to succumb to Huntington’s Disease, the hereditarymalady that killed his mother.
Cancer has become the most threatening malady next to cardiovascular diseases.
The clinician must look for tuberculosis, and confirm or exclude this treatable malady in any patient who presents with gastrointestinal disease.
Why spend a lot of money hunting down the cause of an incurable malady when it isn’t going to make any difference in the outcome?
He aged with dignity despite kidney disease and other maladies .
Since fiber also helps prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other maladies , you should be screaming for fiber by now.
He was emphatic that chickenpox was not a milder version of smallpox and that the two were distinctmaladies .
One is able to regard the country as very healthy, despite the regrettable maladies that frequently afflict it in the form of plague, dysentery and small pox.
Health specialists have called for a shift in the focus and urge on the need for considerable attention to skin diseases in addition to acute maladies like heart diseases and cancer.
Pack medicine for common travel maladies such as diarrhea, headaches and allergies.
In spite of well-publicized increases in obesity, diabetes and other maladies , Americans in general are living longer, healthier lives.
Salversan also proved effective against other maladies such as yaws.
Many members used to be troubled by various chronic or acute maladies such as arthritis, stomach disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.
Over the years, curcumin has gained much attention in the scientific world for its benefits on maladiesincluding HIV, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.



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