Terjemahan dari iniquity
injustice, inequity, iniquity, wrong
despotism, tyranny, iniquity, cruelty
cruelty, ruthlessness, savagery, inhumanity, surliness, iniquity
perbuatan salah
wrong-doing, iniquity, malpractice, misstep, false step, perpetration
immorality, amorality, iniquity
Definisi iniquity
immoral or grossly unfair behavior.
a den of iniquity
sinonim: wickedness, sinfulness, immorality, impropriety, vice, evil, sin, villainy, criminality, odiousness, atrocity, egregiousness, outrage, monstrosity, obscenity, reprehensibility, turpitude; sin, crime, transgression, wrongdoing, wrong, violation, offense, vice
  • wickedness, sinfulness, immorality, impropriety, vice, evil, sin, villainy, criminality,odiousness, atrocity, egregiousness, outrage, monstrosity, obscenity, reprehensibility,turpitude
  • sin, crime, transgression, wrongdoing, wrong, violation, offense, vice
  • injustice, shabbiness, unfairness
  • evil, wickedness, immorality
  • dark, wickedness, darkness
Torture evidence is utterly to be rejected here not only because of its iniquity but also because of its manifest unreliability.
This state is described in Psalm 51 as the result of transgressions, iniquity , sin, and evil.
For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.
In fact, this is something a lot of male-owned companies use as a veneer for iniquity .
It may be that the house of Judah will hear all the evil which I purpose to do unto them; that they may return every man from his evil way; that I may forgive their iniquity and their sin.
But I’m livid anyway on behalf of those people who do suffer that daily iniquity , and it’s that core of injustice that undermines the current taxation system.
True, it’s not so big but I’m getting very anxious about this quantitative measuring of iniquity
Once again, the speaker went back to the 20s to find the roots of historical iniquity , which shows you how little we share in terms of common cultural touchpoints.
a den of iniquity
The iniquity of the result lay in the fact that the losers were the better, more constructive team.
From here, abstinence education looks like a sly attempt to shift the responsibility for iniquity from state to individual.
Don’t just tackle the job; do it better, with no more than half as much iniquity , since you can.
God imputes to Christ, makes over to Christ, lays upon Christ our iniquity and our sin and our unrighteousness and our wickedness.
a den of iniquity
When it strikes close to home, people may become radicalised to the point that their sole trajectory in life is towards an exposure of the world’s iniquity .
Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity , and cleanse me from my sin!
This is why he will come to rule NewMediaLand and I will sink further into drunkenness and iniquity .
What makes me even more mad is that after Oliver had exposed this iniquity , the Government shamelessly tried to seek electoral advantage from it.
Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity ; but thou hast delivered thy soul.
Lo, I was begotten in sin, and my mother conceived me in iniquity .
Though it costs American businesses an estimated $660 billion a year, fraud remains an eerily silentiniquity .
This iniquity is to remain, and the regulations may even increase the discrimination permitted.
When he came in before the Council, he complained he had been most iniquitously turned out of his charge.
It is always the story of those upholding higher human virtues locked in battle against the wicked and the iniquitous .
Unsurprisingly, this misogynist one-sex model of gender is explicit (women ‘know no moderation in goodness or vice,’ and are iniquitously , and inequitably, ‘more carnal than a man’), and etymologically inauthentic.
The new dispensation distributed patronage through hierarchical relationships and emphasizediniquitous patron-client alliances over horizontal affinity based on shared heritage and culture.
The iniquitousness of dying farmed salmon to make it look more palatable on the plate is just one of the charges being leveled at the aquaculture industry by the protesters.
The very idea that he would leak stories to her is preposterous, outrageous, possibly blasphemous and undoubtedly iniquitous .
I have been shamefully expelled, iniquitously turned out of the position of “Founder-Director” to which I had been appointed.
The show is funny and like other shows of Gervais’ design it exposes the absurdity and iniquitousness of everyday life.



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