Terjemahan dari forerunner
pioneer, forerunner, vanguard, precursor, outpost, spearhead
address, mailing address, sign, omen, blazon, forerunner
predecessor, precursor, forerunner
forerunner, indication, sign
sign, cue, signal, hint, intimation, forerunner
Definisi forerunner
a person or thing that precedes the coming or development of someone or something else.
the icebox was a forerunner of today’s refrigerator
sinonim: predecessor, precursor, antecedent, ancestor, forebear, prototype
  • predecessor, precursor, antecedent, ancestor, forebear, prototype
  • prelude, herald, harbinger, precursor, sign, signal, indication, warning
  • precursor, predecessor, harbinger, herald
  • precursor
  • antecedent
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Contoh foreruner
In reality he moved into offices in London’s Victoria Street and set up the forerunner of today’s MI5.
Three birdies in the first five holes saw him close the gap with Els to only one as the players struggled in the continual rain that forecasters warned was a forerunner of a severe gale that was heading towards the Mount Juliet course.
The suburb is more of an ad hoc social development, a forerunner of the gated community, built around the principle of exclusion.
This was an early forerunner of the programmes developed some twenty years later for mainstreaming disabled children.
But before the storm sinks its teeth into the sky overhead, it sends a forerunner , a messenger to let everyone know it is on its way – the wind.
Along with this, Farr developed a classification of diseases, the forerunner of today’s international classifications administered by the World Health Organisation.
The Buddha said, ‘Just as the dawn is the forerunner and the first indication of the rising sun, so is right view the forerunner and the first indication of wholesome states.’
The forerunner of today’s thrill-filled white knuckle rides has been putting people in York in a spin.
As far as Bangalore is concerned, the erstwhile City Improvement Trust Board was the forerunner in developing housing layouts as early as in the nineteen fifties.
This situation has almost been reached in Denmark, and the trend may be a forerunner of a development that has begun or will begin in other European countries.
Charlotte writes: ‘The heath is in full bloom now – I have waited and watched for its purple signal as theforerunner of your coming’.
Our aim was to bring these resources together and the work we did made the partnership theforerunner to today’s Local Strategic Partnership, which attracts millions of pounds of investment into the area.
Instead it was added at the cooking stage through the addition of substances like garum, which was made from salted anchovies, the forerunner of today’s ketchup.
Is this a forerunner of what to expect when the Germany Beck development of up to 700 homes is complete?
the ice safe was a forerunner of today’s refrigerator
Mr Freeman said some people were opposed to anything they saw as a forerunner of development.
Was it perhaps a warning about female intemperance, an early forerunner of Mother’s Ruin?
the icebox was a forerunner of today’s refrigerator
The initiative was perhaps the forerunner of today’s hospitality boxes, although with a slight difference.
And V-weapons were the forerunners of many later developments in weapons and space technology.
The Army bought some for issue to the 1st Special Service Force, forerunners of today’s Green Berets.
These discs were specially produced for the player, and included forerunners of today’s audio books, such as an adaptation of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
The watchmen were the forerunners of today’s police force.
The forerunners of today’s Thais gradually moved from what is now southern China into the area of the Mekong and Chao Phraya river basins.
They were the forerunners of today’s Afrocentric rappers, opening the door to a jazz/hip-hop union that continues to be experimented with from London to New York.
Should we pity a team that was one of the forerunners in the development of the slowdown, hard-nosed, tough-defending style that bored a generation?
Paralyzing the muscles required that the anaesthetist take over the ventilation of the patient’s lungs, and this resulted in the development of automatic ventilators, the forerunners of today’s life support machines.
About 10,000 years ago, the forerunners of today’s sheep and goats are the first animals to be domesticated by the Neolithic inhabitants of the area.



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