Terjemahan dari inebriate
drunk, drunkard, guzzler, drinker, sot, inebriate
intoxicate, stupefy, inebriate, drug, fuddle, tipsify
Definisi inebriate
a drunkard.
Philostratus in turn described Andros as a land of Cockaigne for inebriates .
make (someone) drunk; intoxicate.
The old man was not inebriated or hurt by a passing vehicle.
drunk; intoxicated.
To that end, if anyone wants an inebriate Santa staying on their floor sometime in December, do let me know.
  • wino, drunkard, sot, drunk, rummy
  • soak, intoxicate
  • exhilarate, tickle pink, thrill, beatify, exalt
  • soak, hit it up, souse
Moreover, it can give one a feeling of energy, power and strength that can last for days after theinebriate effects have worn off.
After all, self-discipline was to be the dominant trait of both the proper slave master and the reformedinebriate .
We hooked up with the wedding party towards the inebriate end of the evening – my word, did we ever.
The casual drinkers stumbled out to be replaced by the more sinister silent sort of inebriate – the kind with cold, mad eyes.
He is an habitual inebriate but not an habitual drunkard.
In 1913 the London County Council carried a resolution to close its inebriate reformatory, Farmfield.
They are political or philosophical, merrily inebriate or sententiously sober.
Then, with all the strength she possessed, she threw the inebriate onto her shoulders as if he was nothing more than a mink stole.
The tree trunk has become a useful crutch for the inebriate .
To that end, if anyone wants an inebriate Santa staying on their floor sometime in December, do let me know.
An inebriate Glaswegian was ahead of me in the queue.
Thoroughly fed up with the whole affair, I cut my losses and my inebriate courage disappeared.
Prominent candidates are denounced as renegade and inebriate .
The hitherto silent island of Naxos has startlingly become populated with fauns and maenads and sileni and old Silenus himself swaying inebriate on his donkey.
It was more like a soccer match attended by a club of misanthropic inebriates .
It is tolerable only in advanced states of inebriety .
The smell of alcohol and sweat poured from the doorway and they stepped back as two inebriatedguys stumbled past them.
Public interest in medical treatment for inebriates waxed when local prohibition laws and sentiment waned.
After he said a few things and we looked at how he was acting we realized he was inebriated .
It can be thus seen that inebriety is but a symptom – a flag of distress hung out by the nervous system.
Although it was by now only 2.30 in the afternoon, I took refuge in ‘The Parkville’ where the atmosphere of inebriety resembled closing-time.
While on subject of inebriation , am convinced your horoscope writer must have been half-cut when he wrote yesterday’s entry for Taurus.
I banged on the door, too inebriated and stupefied to think.
Two foreign tours later, my garden had become a cider-pond, surrounded by staggering inebriatedwasps.
He added that people had also indulged in various cocktails of drugs in order to reach a state of complete inebriation .
Of the most memorable, ecstatic and monumentally fun moments so far, many have happened whileinebriated .
Children are resorting to binge drinking, often becoming so inebriated they can’t speak or walk.
The old man was not inebriated or hurt by a passing vehicle.
As I get increasingly inebriated , I make friends to stumble from bar to bar with.
Homeless chronic inebriates require access to transitional housing and supportive services in order to stabilize.



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