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1st Week – 1st Day

A youngster who reads voraciously, though indiscriminately, does not necessarily gain in wisdom over the teenager who is more selective in his reading choices. A young man who has read the life story of every eminent athlete of the twentieth century, or a coed who has steeped herself in every social-protest novel she can get her hand on, may very well be learning all there is to know in a very limited area. But books are replete with many wonders that it is often discouraging to see bright young people limit their own experiences.

Sumber : Murray Bromberg – Melvin Gordon, 1100 Words You Need to Know

  • Such a process would avoid prejudice and indiscriminate killing.
  • Mortars in particular seemed indiscriminate in inflicting casualties.
  • It was random, it was indiscriminate , it was murderous, and it was close to home.
  • The bands’ original political motives faded, and they turned to banditry and indiscriminate killing.
  • Charities have condemned the weapons for the indiscriminate killing and maiming of civilians both during and long after wars have ended.
  • By the end of 1941, more than half a million Jews had been slaughtered and the killing had grown indiscriminate.
  • It is due to its indiscriminateness that human sexuality is inherently prone to perversion.
  • The escaped woman said the rebels fired indiscriminately during the raid, shooting several children.
  • Inattention is both opposed to a discriminate subject/object relationship, and is, at the same time, the realization of a fantasy of indiscrimination .
  • The screenplay delivers an ambitious epic that is dense in a way that indicates notindiscriminateness but rather the existence of a highly personal internal logic.
  • Left unchecked, viruses could indiscriminately attack the body’s cells.
  • Centrality, extremism, and indiscrimination all manifest themselves in the assigned raw score standard deviations and rater fit statistics.
  • What continues to remain in our mind and memory is the hope for a new dawn of promises, free from atrocities and indiscriminations .
  • This caused problems during pregnancy when iron tablets used to be given indiscriminately or because haemoglobin levels fell.
  • I’m not sure my point was about marshalling the judgment of history so much as resisting theindiscrimination of contemporaneity.
  • Racist abuse was hurled indiscriminately from both sides.



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