Terjemahan dari imminent
near, nearby, close, imminent, immediate, nigh
sebentar lagi
imminent, in the offing
yg mungkin segera terjadi
Definisi imminent
about to happen.
they were in imminent danger of being swept away
sinonim: impending, close (at hand), near, (fast) approaching, coming, forthcoming, on the way, in the offing, in the pipeline, on the horizon, in the air, just around the corner, coming down the pike, expected, anticipated, brewing, looming, threatening, menacing, in the cards
  • impending, close (at hand), near, (fast) approaching, coming, forthcoming, on the way, in the offing, in the pipeline, on the horizon, in the air, just around the corner, coming down the pike,expected, anticipated, brewing, looming, threatening, menacing, in the cards
  • impending, impendent, at hand
How could the mother have imagined the imminent danger that was closing in on her son?
A falcon with regard to an expected visitor indicates imminent news or arrival.
In the new era which Mark believes is dawning, the temple is rejected and its imminent destruction is expected.
But the imminent threat of recession was not the economic fundamental he had in mind.
The fourth scenario is similar to the third except that the danger is not as imminent .
In the end, is it about imminent threats or about picking fights you can win?
A number of groups are trying to save our lighthouses in the face of this imminent threat.
The imminent use of biological weapons and the threat of millions of deaths is not a laughing matter.
I will tell you that it did not appear to be a terrorist event and there is no imminent threat.
The second is messianism, the expectation of imminent transformation of the world.
It was hard to sit in one and not expect the imminent arrival of the drinks trolley.
That leaves the question of how immediate or imminent the threatened violence needs to be.
The only difference is that the threat from the former is real and imminent and part of an ongoing development programme.
Tiles have fallen from the roof of the small chapel and the entrance archway looks in danger ofimminent collapse.
Overall then, there’s no sign the payout is in danger, nor any sign of imminent share price fireworks.
These Lutherans were pietist and puritanical, expecting the imminent apocalypse.
As we spoke, the siren of an approaching ambulance warned of the imminent arrival of yet another victim.
The expectation among outsiders oscillates between an imminent rise and an early cut in rates.
This alarm will sound if opened by a small child to alert parents of the imminent danger.
An imminent merger means that his colleagues are all threatened with redundancy.
Its advice is brief, to-the-point and imminently practical.
A focal point in the town at any time, it currently demands extra attention, flowing at a remarkably fast 12 miles per hour, its banks threatening to burst imminently .
In the Middle Ages people celebrated the imminence of their death through diverse forms of ritual activities, in which the dying person played a central role in the life of families and the community at large.
And that was supported by a Downing Street spokesman who added: ‘It is still a live option but don’t expect a decision imminently .’
It may seem appealing to protect speech but only if it doesn’t imminently threaten likely psychological harm to the children, but such an approach will likely prove unhelpful.
With the imminence of a new roof my wallet has suddenly acquired a super-strength hinge, discouraging casual opening and guarding its contents with a coldly practical restraining hand.
Work on the football pitch is due to commence within a matter of weeks and the Committee are hopeful that they will have a positive response to a further Lottery funding application imminently .
But he was feisty in the face of death, no longer in any doubt about its imminence .
The imminence or immediacy of the threat to the peace determines what action is reasonable.
And then, early afternoon, not fifteen minutes after I’d forecast the immediate imminence of rain, we had a fierce hailstorm, closely followed by torrential rain.
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