Terjemahan dari reverse
reverse, turn, invert, misrepresent, turn over, return
reverse, turn, flip, turn over, put about, ricochet
rotate, turn, twist, spin, wind, reverse
distort, twist, reverse, contort, garble, turn back
rotate, turn, spin, twist, twiddle, reverse
overturn, tip, reverse
reverse, inverted, inverse, backward, upside-down
yg terletak di belakang
reverse, inverse, reciprocal, converse, contrary, antipole
setback, decline, deterioration, slowdown, throw-back, reverse
defeat, whopping, loss, losing, rout, reverse
persneling mundur
tempat sebalik
misfortune, adversity, disaster, rigors, bad luck, reverse
Definisi reverse
going in or turned toward the direction opposite to that previously stated.
the trend appears to be going in the reverse direction
sinonim: inverse, reversed, opposite, converse, contrary, counter, antithetical
a complete change of direction or action.
the growth actuates a reverse of photosynthesis
move backward.
the truck reversed into the back of a bus
sinonim: back, back up, drive back/backward, move back/backward
1 definisi lain
  • backward, reversed, inverted, transposed
  • inverse, reversed, opposite, converse, contrary, counter, antithetical
  • rearward
  • inverse
  • opposite, contrary, converse, inverse, obverse, antithesis
  • other side, reverse side, back, underside, wrong side, verso
  • contrary, opposite
  • reversal, black eye, blow, setback
  • reverse gear
  • turnaround, reversion, reversal, turnabout
  • verso
  • back, back up, drive back/backward, move back/backward
  • turn upside down, turn over, upend, upturn, invert
  • turn inside out, turn outside in
  • swap, change, change around, exchange, interchange, switch, switch around
  • alter, change, overturn, overthrow, disallow, override, overrule, veto, revoke, repeal, rescind,annul, nullify, void, invalidate, abrogate
  • override, overturn, overrule, overthrow
  • invert
  • turn
  • invert, turn back
  • repeal, overturn, countermand, revoke, annul, lift, vacate, rescind
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‘The North Koreans are going to wait until after the election because they saw a big policy reverse after Clinton,’ he said.
The census also noted a reverse in the long-term decline in the Church of Ireland, Presbyterian and Methodist faiths, with sizeable increases witnesses across the board.
The reverse is and will be true in large pickups.
You would have thought that good players would make good managers, but often the reverse is the case.
In one instance, he attempted to replace the head of Customs with a personal friend, an action that President Kostunica quickly moved to reverse .
Despite the reverse , Kiwi Searancke’s players earned a consolation bonus point to cling on to their lead in Pool B and remain on course to secure a home quarter-final.
He denied that Simms and Sylvester ran to attack them; the reverse was the case.
The front side of the coins features the design of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests in the Temple of the Heaven of Beijing, while the reverse side features the giant panda and bamboo forests.
But although you can move your head as a result of taking your eye off the ball, the reverse of this, unfortunately, is not true.
There is an inscription on the reverse of the Portrait of Laura which dates the portrait to 1 June 1506.
The ostensible subject is Dante’s vision of the death of his lover, as expressed in a passage from the Italian poet’s Vita Nuova, lines from which are inscribed on the reverse of the painting.
Du Sommerard continued by observing that the reverse of the image bore the initials of Louise de Savoye, Francis’s mother.
Chris disengaged the clutch, selected reverse , re-engaged the clutch and floored the accelerator within four seconds.
Later the two made the fundamental discovery that transplants from inbreds to hybrids were successful, whereas the reverse transplants were rejected.
This monitor provides live full-color video through the Vehicle Information System whenever reverse is engaged.
The warm air rises and often gets trapped near the ceiling area; the reverse air flow from the fan will help circulate the warm air around your whole room.
Next, step backward with your left leg into a reverse lunge and bring the ball to your left hip.
Certainly, if you were to buy a 6-series, I recommend you select reverse when leaving friends’ houses so they don’t see its backside.
Vehicles will be allowed from D’Souza Circle to Richmond Circle and not in the reverse direction.
The movement of the primary root tip was marked on the reverse of the dishes at the beginning of the experiments, and at time lapses of 4, 8, and 24 h.
A woman who asked her husband to reverse her new luxury car into a parking space watched in horror as it smashed through a shop window.
It had a peculiar gearstick, and the driver could find reverse only after various undignified contortions.
On the reverse of the leaflet there appeared this passage.
Previous work has demonstrated the presence of important, post-glacial reverse faults in Norway.
Nonetheless, the Supreme Court might see fit to reverse the Court of Appeals’ decision.
He was going to fly the airplane backwards using reverse engine thrust!
On the reverse is inscribed ‘Return from Europe RS 126’.
There may, therefore, be a link between poor visual motion sensitivity and the tendency to misidentify, transpose, and reverse letters.
On the reverse there is an elephant in the center of the Chakra device with stars around the border as above.
King Vajiravudh continued to use the three-headed elephant on the reverse of his coins.
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