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casting, foundry, founding, moulding
pouring, casting, foundry
Definisi foundry
a workshop or factory for casting metal.
However, there is more to manufacturing than the industries which once provided the bulk of the jobs in mills, factories and foundries .
Price also operated a foundry for casting hinges and other items in brass and iron.
At the outset of war in 1939, Mary had the choice of working in the land army or at a shipping yard in the brass foundry .
The factory and its associated foundry became the core of a thriving industrial town named after its developer.
Created by pouring molten metal directly on the foundry ‘s concrete floor, each panel is unique.
The metal workers are demanding that negotiations begin this month over wages in the machine-producing and electrical sector, among ironworkers and in foundries .
Well, we certainly tried to explain the importance of the Lonsdale facility, but the reality is that cast iron engine foundries are a thing of the past.
There was a shortage of manpower with so many men serving in the forces overseas, and many married women went to work for the first time, with some working in foundries or machine shops making munitions.
In foundries and other manufacturing plants, I was the kid on the maintenance gang.
The people discover again how to use the foundries , book binderies, breweries, and halls of government that slowly push up out of the ground.
But it probably had in mind dud companies such as decrepit cement factories or foundries , not the country’s crown jewels.
Several foundries , breweries, and industrial plants purchased 29,624 tons of Sewell coke in 1955.
There are 70 metal foundries in greater Sao Paulo, employing more than 50,000 workers.
However, there is more to manufacturing than the industries which once provided the bulk of the jobs in mills, factories and foundries .
Most of the early immigrants of the late nineteenth century worked in the steel mills and foundries of the northeastern states.
This is a great place to find a cheap breakfast before exploring Smallman Street and Penn Avenue, which were the location of the first iron mills, steel foundries and wholesale companies.
Sugar mills are among Bayamon’s chief industries, along with iron foundries , ice plants, dairies, and an oil refinery.
With foundries abroad closing down, the demand for castings and forgings is on the rise.
In the 1800s, as labour-hungry foundries and factories drew the rural population into towns, public open spaces were seen as crucial for health and well-being.
Upon their arrival in the United States, they often took hazardous jobs in mines, steel mills andfoundries , and railroad construction.
That did not fit the rationale of young men for fitting shops and foundries .
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