Terjemahan dari phlegmatic
apathetic, phlegmatic, apathetical
berdarah dingin
cold-blooded, phlegmatic
yg bersikap dingin
Definisi phlegmatic
(of a person) having an unemotional and stolidly calm disposition.
If we are as phlegmatic as we like to believe would we revel so conspicuously in our tragedy?
sinonim: calm, cool, composed, ‘calm, cool, and collected’, controlled, serene, tranquil, placid, impassive, imperturbable, unruffled, dispassionate, philosophical, stolid, dull, bland, unemotional, lifeless, unflappable
  • calm, cool, composed, ‘calm, cool, and collected’, controlled, serene, tranquil, placid,impassive, imperturbable, unruffled, dispassionate, philosophical, stolid, dull, bland,unemotional, lifeless, unflappable
  • phlegmatical
However, he is a phlegmatic character, not fitting the crude European stereotype of a South American, and even in Spain they originally considered his style more North European than Mediterranean.
Yet even his phlegmatic character would have been bewildered by the mountain of a task which he had roped himself into.
British governments maintained their phlegmatic calm and resisted provocation.
But not for Zander, an impressively phlegmatic young character who just takes that kind of publicity in his stride.
Famous for his well-honed aphorisms, Burt’s phlegmatic response to such negative developments was to say: ‘If you don’t try things, you’re doomed to failure’.
Not that this is likely to perturb a phlegmatic character whose first start against Rangers feels as if it has been a long time coming, following substitute appearances in the past three derbies.
The masculine heroes are phlegmatic , resourceful and stoical.
Bombing his own men and planes was more than even the most phlegmatic observer could stomach, and it looked like the end for him…
If we are as phlegmatic as we like to believe would we revel so conspicuously in our tragedy?
It’s almost unbelievably fitting that these supremely phlegmatic men live in Spitalfields.
Looking back at my review of Mourning Becomes Electra’s debut, I notice that I complained of the opera’s uncertain dramatic pacing and the music’s phlegmatic , anonymous character.
He is undoubtedly one of the most phlegmatic sportsmen in the world.
Overall, he is phlegmatic about his departure from Goodbody’s.
It becomes even more acute when viewed through the eyes of phlegmatic observers whose upper lips have been conditioned to stiffness from their earliest years!
He is also phlegmatic on the subject of his dealings with Hollywood.
But while, to the outside world, he appeared as phlegmatic and calmly in control as ever, behind the scenes it was a different story.
The fact that they did so without any great fuss and noise seems to me to be a tribute to thephlegmatic Scottish character and should not be seen as a psychological fault.
Macha is 145 pounds of phlegmatic composure, a St. Bernard who can’t help but look dignified and profound, even when she is waiting for a treat.
‘Obviously I want to play, but I understand the manager’s situation,’ was his phlegmatic reaction.
He was phlegmatic and dutiful, with a wry sense of humor.
Other wealthy nations, including some of the oil-rich Arab nations, were no better, phlegmaticallyreaching for the loose change in their purses.
It was later confiscated by suspicious guards and, phlegmatically , he simply started all over again.
I pointed out the mysterious and mildly alarming position of the bag to an usher, and he, ratherphlegmatically , held on to it until the woman returned to claim it.
Now the other passengers did not react as phlegmatically as I did.
Amid all this disorganisation, this nightmare of old furniture, useless machines and discarded objects sit young people, relatively neatly dressed, phlegmatically drinking coffee from old, cracked cups.



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