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hereditary, inheritable, patrimonial
Definisi hereditary
(of a title, office, or right) conferred by or based on inheritance.
members of the ancient Polish aristocracy who had hereditary right to elect the king
  • inherited, bequeathed, willed, handed-down, passed-down, passed-on, transferred, ancestral,family, familial
  • genetic, congenital, inborn, inherited, inbred, innate, in the family, in the blood, in the genes
  • inherited, familial, transmitted, transmissible, genetic
  • transmissible, patrimonial, ancestral
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The 63-year-old Kim succeeded his father when the latter died in 1994, marking the first hereditarysuccession of power in a communist country.
An Austrian monk, Gregor Mendel, introduced the world to hereditary factors – genes – that determine allhereditary traits.
The identification of specific genes associated with hereditary cancer risk has enabled direct diagnosis of hereditary cancer syndromes through genetic analysis.
The original constitution restricted the right to vote by property but outlawed hereditary titles and added trial by jury in criminal cases.
From 1133 the office was hereditary in the de Vere family, though with interruptions and vicissitudes, until it passed in 1626 to their cousins the Berties, as Lords Willoughby de Eresby.
At low radiation doses, the principal concern is the risk of radiation-induced cancer in exposed individuals and hereditary disease in their descendants.
Abolition of the hereditary element in the Lords was carried through without, it seemed, much idea of what was to follow.
This study confirms that members of families with hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer require surveillance with short intervals.
Being the president’s son may have done more harm than good for Gamal Mubarak, since the notion of his becoming president is linked to the much-maligned concept of hereditary succession.
Discovering the presence of fibrinogen defect in another family member is the best way to show ahereditary condition.
In 1957, at the age of 20, the Aga Khan succeeded his grandfather as the hereditary leader of the Ismaili Muslims.
This advisory body consisted of hereditary and life members, the latter being ex-magistrates.
This characteristic is hereditary , passed on from a person to his children.
Beyond sitting in both Houses of Parliament, Willoughby fulfilled his hereditary responsibilities as an enthusiastic member of the Warwickshire Yeomanry.
A racial group is based on hereditary physical traits often identified with geography.
This same sort of hereditary cultural succession became fantastically popular among early modern writers.
Richard lasted only two years before he was deposed by Henry Tudor, a relation to the House of Lancaster but with no realistic hereditary claim to the throne.
Human trials of gene-based therapies aimed at both macular degeneration and hereditary blindness are set to begin in the U.K. perhaps as early as next year.
By this time Plana was astronomer royal, and he went on to become a hereditary baron in 1844 and a senator in 1848.
The governors of the regions of Egypt gained hereditary claim to their offices and subsequently their families acquired large estates.
Christy, the blacksmith and rightful heir, has no sense of the estate as his own, and can barely understand the revelation that he is the hereditary lord.
Even if your lab results are normal, you might need to get blood tests again every few years if you have some of the signs of hereditary hemochromatosis or a relative with it.
Members of a hereditary Siddha family must be encouraged to practice without any restrictions by giving registration so that the skill is not lost.
The hereditary king of Hawaii is calling for 100% pure-blood Hawaiians of noble descent to come forward and form a new government.
The hereditary elements proposed by Darwin were more physical – and therein lay their downfall.
The people were governed by hereditary princes called Sao-Phas who ruled in as many as forty different principalities.
According to Mendel, the hereditary elements were like particles, and took two forms – dominant and recessive.
In an unusual gesture of papal appreciation, the title was made hereditary .
hereditary disease
Buffalo City mayor Sindisile Maclean told Swedes in Linkoping, Sweden this week how South Africa was battling to incorporate hereditary leaders into the new democratic order.



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