Terjemahan dari amend
change, alter, revamp, transform, turn, amend
improve, fix, repair, correct, rectify, amend
Definisi amend
make minor changes in (a text) in order to make it fairer, more accurate, or more up-to-date.
the rule was amended to apply only to nonmembers
sinonim: revise, alter, change, modify, qualify, adapt, adjust, edit, copyedit, rewrite, redraft, rephrase, reword, rework, revamp
  • revise, alter, change, modify, qualify, adapt, adjust, edit, copyedit, rewrite, redraft, rephrase,reword, rework, revamp
  • rectify, remediate, remedy, repair
  • better, ameliorate, meliorate, improve
Lebih sedikit sinonim
But the courts have no competence to nullify, repeal or amend the legislation in question.
We seek to amend that document in some minor respects.
It would not be practical for the council to seek to amend the text in the kind of detail required to make the document acceptable.
In particular, Hawking’s own work on black holes (with which Ellis was not directly involved) had progressed faster than they could amend the text.
pressuring Panama to amend its banking laws
Therefore, it is possible that Spain may amend its legislation within the next two months, but if the case goes to the Court of Justice, the issue could take years to resolve.
This bill also proposes to amend several existing Acts.
Virtually the first act of the fledgling Scottish Parliament was to amend the legislation in an attempt to close this loophole.
if you can amend or alter people’s mindset
I will also be seeking to amend the legislation in order to remove the penalties, infringement notices, and prosecution procedures that apply to individuals.
did she amend her original will later on?
Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has said he is willing to amend the text to make it clear that conditions and standards for workers will not be affected in any way.
Actually, Madison wanted to amend the text of the Articles of the Constitution, rather than tacking on a Bill of Rights and further amendments.
It said it has persuaded several overseas companies to amend their websites to reflect UK law.
amend your soil with peat moss or compost
They could amend that document or leave it as is.
Since publication, Valder has slightly amended the text of his manifesto, replacing the second last paragraph.
According to Minkova, as long as consumer legislation is not amended and people do not seek their rights on a mass scale, things will not change.
Therefore we will be amending the legislation, or putting up an amendment.
The latter is said to believe that proposed legislation amending insurance law would be unworkable.
The government now has a choice: it can vote for the bill as amended or it can reject it.
If it is simply a bad law, or an area that is not presently covered by the law, you can participate in the legislative process and get a law passed, amended , or repealed.
The bill, as amended , was passed by the Senate on March 9, and will now return to the lower house.
Accordingly, I intend to bring to Parliament proposals for amending the relevant legislation.
I am pleased to be able to commend the bill as now amended back to the House.
As I mentioned earlier, the Green Party does support the bill as amended .
But the Bill, as amended , does not satisfactorily meet their needs.
We have today amended the text of the guidance on the Department’s website.
I mean, Howard Dean has said a lot of things in this campaign that he’s subsequently modified,amended or taken back.
In this connection, it is suggested that the draft be amended with special articles that would reflect the following provisions.



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