Terjemahan dari havoc
havoc, disaster, catastrophe, calamity, doom, misfortune
damage, harm, breakdown, decay, failure, havoc
doom, havoc
eradication, extermination, annihilation, havoc, extirpation, demolition
obliteration, havoc, perdition, fate, ruination
disaster, havoc, prang, misfortune, calamity, spot
destroy, annihilate, kill, ravage, havoc, exterminate
damage, destroy, tamper, boggle, break, havoc
Definisi havoc
widespread destruction.
the hurricane ripped through Florida, causing havoc
sinonim: devastation, destruction, damage, desolation, ruination, ruin, disaster, catastrophe
lay waste to; devastate.
The lack of participants is associated to a large storm that havocked Latvia in January 2005 and uprooted and destroyed large forest areas.
  • devastation, destruction, damage, desolation, ruination, ruin, disaster, catastrophe
  • disorder, chaos, disruption, mayhem, bedlam, pandemonium, turmoil, tumult, uproar,commotion, furor, a three-ring circus, hullabaloo
  • mayhem
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But the group insists that the size of the development is too large for the conservation area and would bring traffic havoc to already congested lanes.
For the second time that morning the capricious wind was wreaking havoc .
the hurricane ripped through Florida causing havoc
With that, the fight broke loose, along with pure havoc and destruction.
My mother-in-law is mentally ill and wreaking havoc on our marriage.
The novel deals with a small band of ‘radicals’ who try to stir up revolt in a small town and end up wreaking havoc .
Man-made destruction seems easier to understand and explain than indiscriminate natural havoc .
A tornado is a funnel-shaped cloud that descends on land, creating havoc and destruction in its wake.
Later came laws limiting working hours, forbidding child labour and other abuses, to curb the widespread social havoc .
if they weren’t at school they’d be wreaking havoc in the streets
The AIDS epidemic is wreaking havoc in sub-Saharan Africa.
Hail, when it crashes through to the surface can cause much damage, to the level of havoc even.
Heavy rains and rising water are wreaking havoc across Europe.
Drought is wreaking havoc in the Thanjavur belt of Tamil Nadu.
Her family work as daily labourers and a day off can wreak havoc for the family’s economy.
Opponents also fear GM crop technology could lead to new herbicide-resistant weeds, which could cause havoc in the countryside.
Ivan tore through Grenada last year, wreaking havoc and taking with it lives, homes and livestock.
The black striped mussel has caused millions of dollars worth of damage to marine industries around the world, and can cause havoc for shipping.
A series of lightning strikes in the North and the South-East have been wreaking havoc with supply.
One easy-going and tolerant who could not understand fellow travellers who complained about her children wreaking havoc on a long train journey.
At first, it seemed she didn’t have a chance, with a horrible cold that wreaked havoc with her voice.
He stared at me, his intensely blue eyes wreaking havoc in my mind.
schoolchildren wreaking havoc in the classroom
Marcellus was struck down sick and incapacitated when a galactic storm struck the outer planets, creating destruction and havoc .
A notorious pyramid selling scam, which caused havoc among small communities on the Isle of Wight last year, has reared its ugly head in Scotland again.
Sutton’s police chief has pledged to make the borough the safest in London by waging war on career criminals and drug traders wreaking havoc in our communities.
Delta wreaked havoc in popular holiday destination islands, killing seven people and leaving a trail of mass destruction.
It is obvious that if foxes were a serious threat to agriculture, half a million of them would cause devastation and havoc .
It appears that the beast has escaped, and is again wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting residents of Bucharest.
In this one, she’s a scientist trying to deal with an enormous octopus wreaking havoc in San Francisco.
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