Terjemahan dari nucleus
core, essence, nucleus, heart, kernel, gist
butt, beginning, cause, origin, nucleus, base point
beginning, start, onset, commencement, outset, nucleus
base, basis, foundation, bottom, fundamental, nucleus
Definisi nucleus
the central and most important part of an object, movement, or group, forming the basis for its activity and growth.
the nucleus of a film-producing industry
sinonim: core, center, central part, heart, nub, hub, middle, eye, focus, focal point, pivot, crux
  • core, center, central part, heart, nub, hub, middle, eye, focus, focal point, pivot, crux
  • core
  • karyon
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Contoh nucleous
By the end of the 1850s a nucleus of business houses had been established.
His own drawings form the nucleus of an important collection of architectural drawings.
Fairs form the nucleus for frenetic autumn activity in London and New York, while a princely collection is auctioned at a fairy-tale castle in Germany
He built the famous Stone House at Ooty that formed the nucleus of Government offices and is now part of the Government Arts College.
Sometimes, the stresses are strong enough to break off chunks of the comet’s nucleus .
Senate House and a nucleus of colleges were built in Bloomsbury in the late 1930s.
The spacecraft’s point of view now captures the shadowed side of the comet’s nucleus .
the nucleus of a film-producing industry
As already stated, the placing of bets and payment of winnings form the nucleus of the gambling activity.
Without the ‘woman’, there will be a crippling lacuna, since it is her nurturing instinct that anchors the family making her a nucleus around which every member rallies.
Dense granules surrounding the nucleus are probably cytoplasmic organelles.
Christine Maggiore is the outspoken nucleus of a movement to help HIV-positive mothers who question medication.
The spacecraft will orbit the comet’s nucleus .
It was happy to see the destruction of the Polish resistance movement, which had formed the nucleusof the support for the Polish government-in-exile.
It was a medieval library serving as the nucleus of a range of activities in the fields of art, religion, history and literature.
In 1911, the first dairy cows and other livestock arrived to become the nucleus of USDA’s animal husbandry research activities.
These embryonic communities created an important nucleus for post-war migration, which was fuelled by economic factors.
If this proposal is accepted, the government together with the St Lucian organizations could have an extension of the mission in Brooklyn and an important nucleus for the St Lucian community.
Electrons produce a small magnetic field as they spin and orbit the nucleus of an atom.
Every atomic nucleus consists of a certain number of protons, strongly bound to a certain number of neutrons.
the nucleus of a British film-producing industry
In addition to being the center of religious training and worship, the church served as the nucleus of social activities and a conduit for the dispersion of social services.
In the middle of these green acres, a modest cluster of white greenhouses make up the nucleus of daily activity.
The nucleus of the future Impressionist movement was born.
Electrons are found in clouds that surround the nucleus of an atom.
And at the moment there is not even the nucleus of a movement to achieve that.
The nucleus of the global movement against injustice will not – cannot, should not – be found in the centers of global privilege.
The Manchester centre is the nucleus of a hi-tech surveillance system and features an 18-metre monitor wall that can display up to 180 high-resolution images.
At school, Qaddafi participated in a small group of politically active friends – a group which was eventually to form the nucleus of the Free Officers Movement.
The cells possessed eosinophilic cytoplasm, well-defined cell borders, and vesicular nuclei with small, conspicuous nucleoli.
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