Estranged artinya terasing

Estrange artinya menjauhkan, merenggangkan, atau menjadi asing

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Eliza throws Alex and Maggie a wedding shower, which causes Maggie to reach out to her estranged father. Supergirl joins J’onn on a personal mission.

Lola’s mom alleges that her estranged husband threatened to kill her, Lola and his other children

You could become estranged from your family if you put all your time and energy into work.

Despite a restraining order, the estranged husband continued to prowl around his wife’s house, sleeping in her yard and calling her constantly by phone.

I’m estranged from my dad – we haven’t spoken since just after my mother’s funeral in 1999.

In 1998, Dr. Randolph Kelly was ordered by a Texas judge not to threaten or harm his daughter or his estranged wife.

And why would his estranged wife and son come all the way from France to do that?

Sylvia’s estranged husband Tom finds out about the twins by walking in on Sylvia’s prenatal exam.

Holmes plays sulky New Yorker April Burns, who, while her estranged family spend the day driving to visit her, frantically attempts to cook up a conciliatory Thanksgiving dinner for them all.

He is being taken to court by his estranged wife for non-payment of child maintenance for the two children.

In 1999, she obtained a restraining order against her estranged husband Simon, which limited his access to their children.

If a woman says her estranged husband molested their daughter, is she merely trying to prejudice the family court regarding custody?

If we take the road to peace with our estranged neighbour, then can we not resolve our domestic problems in a peaceful manner?

The fact that Florinda has no home, no means of supporting herself and fears her estranged family will harm her, does not make her a refugee under strict interpretation of the rules.

Worse, he is emotionally estranged from his daughter who hasn’t forgiven him for his infidelities and his disappearance from her mother’s bedside just as she drew her final breath.

Returning home after two years, Maceo Redfield learns that his estranged friend Holly Ford is a suspect in the murder of a local call girl.

Samuel L. Jackson, meanwhile, plays Doyle Gipson, a recovering alcoholic in a child custody dispute with his estranged wife.

That law was passed to help prevent estranged spouses from abducting their children.

I wouldn’t say I’m estranged from my father, but we certainly don’t see each other very often.

Three years later, waiting on their impending divorce proceeding, the estranged couple wondered what went wrong.

Talley doesn’t really want to deal with this kind of thing, but he doesn’t have much choice when the bad guys reveal that they’ve kidnapped his estranged wife and daughter.

His reasoning was that Sharon had been depressed and fearful that her estranged husband would take away her children in a custody battle.In passing we learn of an estranged wife and child.

During one of these trips, he met Fanny Obsbourne, an American, ten years his senior, with two children and an estranged husband.

By the time he died he was estranged from his father.

There he found his estranged wife and her father.

He had become estranged from friends, teachers and acquaintances.

When his daughter Josie was still an infant, his estranged wife, Jill, disappeared.

He is estranged from his Chinese father, who is the son of one of the original railroad workers who built the mountain passes with nothing more than hand tools.



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