Terjemahan dari entrench
mengelilingi dgn parit
entrench, moat
berurat berakar
entrench, fossilize
masuk dgn menyerobot
Definisi entrench
establish (an attitude, habit, or belief) so firmly that change is very difficult or unlikely.
ageism is entrenched in our society
sinonim: establish, settle, lodge, set, root, install, plant, embed, seat, enshrine, dig (oneself) in
encroach or trespass upon.
The case is quite different from that in which an outright owner of property finds that his ownership is entrenched upon by some outside intervention in the form of taxation.
  • establish, settle, lodge, set, root, install, plant, embed, seat, enshrine, dig (oneself) in
  • trench, impinge, encroach
  • intrench
  • dig in
Lebih sedikit sinonim
After some initial skirmishes, the company managed to entrench its rule, often through the authority of amenable local rulers.
The Constitution provides only a single method – the constitutional amendment process – to entrench a rule against repeal by a majority.
Is it not possible somehow to entrench the Bill, so that later legislation will not have this effect?
There was no necessity to entrench them into legislation.
To consolidate her dominion, it was natural for such women to turn to more violent methods toentrench their rule.
Under the ACT Self Government Act, there is a possibility to entrench some laws, but the government here has decided not to take that route.
He said legislation will entrench the increased size of the protected areas.
We look forward to amendments further down the track to expand and entrench this legislation.
A large majority could entrench him in his redistributive dugout, relentlessly harassing business and taxpayers.
The machine gun crew can entrench itself to lay down a massive wall of fire.
The affair quickly escalated and colonial militia began to entrench themselves enthusiastically around Boston Harbour, overlooking the British garrison.
Clausewitz observed that ‘if you entrench yourself behind strong fortifications, you compel the enemy to seek a solution elsewhere’.
Another test might be the serious pursuit of a Civil Service Act to entrench basic safeguards.
He removed entrenched ministers in favor of his own loyalists and installed a close aide in the office of the new prime minister.
While the way you choose, cook and eat foods is shaped by family, religious and ethnic customs, these deeply entrenched habits can be modified over time.
She was the most consistent of the performers, her consummate ease of delivery and pitch-perfect vocals entrenching her in the top position.
To my astonishment I found a very entrenched belief in astrology, and other supernatural phenomena.
What has been predictable is that the media landscape has been changing dramatically, and in any highly dynamic environment entrenched players were never going to remain passive for long.
It was dark when we entered the entrenchments which now surrounded the camp.
The Jacobite forces were well entrenched and kept up a steady bombardment of the city, which shredded the defences inside the walls.
He is firmly entrenched in power, and has created such a climate of fear that there are few who are prepared to challenge him.
It is at the point where construction is necessary that we find out whether Chapter III entrenches onwhat the language otherwise authorises.
Indeed, your Honours, it is more entrenched pursuant to section 75 than much of the jurisdiction under section 73.
We have lots of conflicting emotions and entrenched arrogant attitudes.
Copied from a World War II German entrenching shovel, it had a folding steel blade.
It’s a combination of guilt and a deeply entrenched gloomy outlook on life – both of which I’m trying to let go of, with varied success.
One of the best ways to ensure that a group belief is entrenched indefinitely is to tie it to the identity of that group.
The effect of this ingenious recontextualisation was deeply unsettling, making us question some of our most entrenched beliefs on art and society.
But the luxury of having all the right features comes only if you’re so entrenched in the market that you can afford the R&D to do that.
It is not easy to change entrenched attitudes and systems the way that most of these people have.



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