Terjemahan dari entourage
group, entourage, party, troupe, company, team
para pengiring
Definisi entourage
a group of people attending or surrounding an important person.
an entourage of bodyguards
sinonim: retinue, escort, cortège, train, suite, court, staff, bodyguard(s), attendants, companions, retainers, posse
  • retinue, escort, cortège, train, suite, court, staff, bodyguard(s), attendants, companions,retainers, posse
  • cortege, suite, retinue
A tall woman in a black dress appeared from a rear room surrounded by an impressive entourage .
An entourage of friends and activists, four lawyers and embassy staff came with us.
an entourage of loyal courtiers
He arrived in his plane with an entourage of officials and media people from Cameroon.
Quickly he scribbled all the important items that came to mind and then the entourage continued on its way.
Grass huts were erected and the chief and his entourage held court in the largest one.
The court and the royal entourage were the great centres of power.
an entourage of bodyguards
The bouncer at the door obviously had no idea of how important our entourage was.
Twenty years on, he is still protected by a loyal entourage and the mystique remains.
The entourage will travel in two identical 747s and be accompanied by a third chartered Jumbo.
Some stars have big entourages but he’s quite a private man and he does not have loads of people going around.
These are the entourages that follow important people around, made up of advisors, heralds, messengers and servants.
Besides hauling around oodles of stuff, including monarchs and their entourages , the plump pachyderms became the weapon of choice for ancient warriors with lots of time on their hands.
Their principal dependents, the leading dukes of the North and the central figures in court entourages , were also richer than average as well, in part precisely as a result of the generosity of kings and princes.
The cavalry were too numerous to be maintained solely by the king; rather, each of the seven great town-chiefs had to support, in his own sector of the capital, ten noble warriors and their entourages .
As for areas populated by those destined to remain at home during the summer, brides and grooms and their entourages tour local fêtes in which the loudspeakers are strategically placed to ensure no one is deprived of their blast.
In this Hollywood awards season, the piles of free stuff being handed out – to nominees, award presenters, performers and members of their entourages – is escalating.
The Shire Hall was the scene of much pomp and ceremony when the Assize courts sat and the red-robed judges with their colourful entourages arrived to a fanfare of trumpets after attending the traditional church service in St Mary’s.
Mark looked out on the Senate chamber surrounding him and watched as the countless delegates and their entourages made haste to leave the stuffy Senate chamber.
The whole city was taken over: stars and their entourages occupied the best suites in hotels and booked out the top restaurants.
Cheered on by their respective entourages – and heckled by supporters of their opponents – the candidates made and lost points during the two hour question-and-answer session.




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