Terjemahan dari pinnacle
peak, top, summit, height, culmination, pinnacle
hiasan menara di gedung-gedung
menghiasi dgn menara
Definisi pinnacle
a high, pointed piece of rock.
As we chugged along the vivid green Wuyang River towards Dragon King Gorge, thickly forested crags and pinnacles of rock rose high above.
sinonim: peak, needle, crag, tor, aiguille, hoodoo, summit, crest, apex, tip
set on or as if on a pinnacle.
a rustic cross was pinnacled upon the makeshift altar
peak, turret, highest level, superlative
30 sinonim lain
The boom-and-bust economy sent a few poor men to the pinnacle of success while merchants dreaded overstocked markets and plummeting fortunes.
It remains a powerful and compelling story that someone comes here with nothing, can’t even speak English, and rises to the pinnacle of success.
He rose from very humble beginnings and reached the pinnacle of success and later he fell, due to his own avarice and crookedness.
When we arrived at the rock pinnacle on the side of the canyon, I showed them a couple of thin crack lines I had scouted out a week or two before.
It’s an indisputable fact that departmental status represents the pinnacle of academic success – in both scholarly and institutional terms.
Knokke’s Casino represented for a Belgian singer like Brel the pinnacle of success, glamorous like Las Vegas was for Frank Sinatra.
Think back to 1997, when the Brit shoe-gazing movement had reached the pinnacle of its US success.
After working in the hospitality industry for 21 years, Gao has proved herself to be a person who reaches the pinnacle of success in whatever field she involves herself.
Although Louise seemed to have reached the pinnacle of success and was becoming increasingly famous for her work, she began to feel that it was time to embark on yet another direction along her path.
Perhaps the pinnacle of his behind-the-scenes success has been Jamaica’s Carnival.
The memorable events would be symbolized and carved into a totem pole that would stand at thepinnacle of the pagoda roof for the next year’s gyre journey.
Thackeray said the BJP had touched the pinnacle of success under Vajpayee’s leadership and lamented that some ambitious leaders in the party were eyeing his place.
The Red Plum’s box keel was scraped, but her hull was undamaged by the uncharted pinnacle of rock which she encountered around ten miles off the coast of the Antarctic peninsula.
he had reached the pinnacle of his career
Being rich, successful and at the pinnacle of your profession appears to be frowned upon if you are David Beckham.
Growing up in the poor country, he viewed Hollywood celebrities as the pinnacle of success.
The family of a woman killed when a stone pinnacle fell from the roof of a 14th century church criticised a coroner yesterday for his decision not to call for a nationwide review of the safety of historic buildings.
They came from the Parthenon, which marks the highest pinnacle of classical Doric architecture.
Thirteen maybe unlucky for some but after forking out the £1,800 costs each, they are hoping to get up and down the African pinnacle in one proud piece.
Cllr Staunton said that Westport had reached the pinnacle of success, but added that there are still challenges ahead.
Inside we have two full pages of coverage of this great achievement, and many local people tell of their delight to be part of an effort that has reached the pinnacle of success in the county.
So, after reaching the pinnacle of success as guest choir at the Jack Symons Charity Concert, what’s left for Charlotte and her young singers?
he had reached the pinnacle of his career
After all, women are at the pinnacle of all-time success.
He attained the pinnacle of success he has always dreamed.
In science, theory is the pinnacle of scientific success.
This area includes a pinnacle or rock climbing wall and a waterfall.
Thanks to Inchon, MacArthur, a general who always put himself above the normal chain of command, was at the pinnacle of his success.
Although he reached the pinnacle of success, he was unspoilt by it.
Moving along the edge of a rock pinnacle , the diver inspects a narrow crevice; the entire fissure appears to be vibrating!



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