Terjemahan dari dregs
dregs, pulp, waste, grounds, lees, oilcake
waste, garbage, trash, rubbish, litter, dregs
sediment, deposition, deposit, sludge, precipitation, dregs
dregs, sediment
sediment, dregs
Definisi dregs
the remnants of a liquid left in a container, together with any sediment or grounds.
coffee dregs
sinonim: sediment, deposit, residue, accumulation, sludge, lees, grounds, remains, residuum
  • sediment, deposit, residue, accumulation, sludge, lees, grounds, remains, residuum
  • scum, refuse, riffraff, outcasts, deadbeats, underclass, untouchables, lowest of the low, great unwashed, hoi polloi, trash
  • settlings
Lebih sedikit sinonim
He was dressed like he had spent his life growing up in the dregs of society, but that was to be expected considering where we were coming from – it was less suspicious walking around dressed like we were.
When the cheese is used up, the dregs are allowed to brown on the bottom of the container and then scraped off and shared.
She couldn’t imagine going back to tending bar for the dregs of society.
Eventually, these prison craft shops could be turning out all sorts of reasonably priced decorating goods, under Martha’s label, while giving the dregs of society a valuable trade.
‘Oh well,’ I say, draining the dregs of my coffee.
I swigged the dregs of my coke, crunching what remained of the ice cubes.
We are dropouts from society, useless dregs who make no contribution, so it is inevitable that people will look at us strangely and with contempt.
Easy as it would be to dismiss them as fools or worse, they are not the dregs of society but instead the wrong people in the wrong circumstance.
Why, he couldn’t discern… he took a gulp of tea until only the dregs remained.
After draining the last few dregs of his coffee his watch told him it was almost 8: 00.
Going out to face whoever was in the streets had to be better than staying in here with these dregs of human society.
The rest of us split up into pairs – me and Joanna, Mac and Miss Halden – and headed back to my place, trying to look inconspicuous when in fact we looked like the dregs of an army division after three days’ combat.
The violin has a sensual sound just like cafe mocha has a sensual taste – but like the bitter dregs at the bottom of a coffee cup, even the most soothing minstrels are a little harsh on the ears after, say, an hour.
Whether it’s an abandoned junkyard, the homestead of a strange couple, a society of dregs , even the Dunn property itself, each locale adds a new bit of depth to the story and tactility to the atmosphere.
The mug went down with a thud upon the thick wooden table, the remaining dregs never to be touched again.
the dregs of society
the dregs of society
‘Well,’ he said, swishing the dregs of his coffee around in the glass contemplatively.
coffee dregs
At one end are public figures whilst at the other are the dregs of society.
The political landscape may not have been irretrievably transformed, but we at last have a breed of politicians who have a chance to prove they can do better than ‘the dregs of society’.
All police officers must encounter some of the dregs of society in their careers but the work of this department surely tests one’s faith in human kind.
It is an impressive accumulation of human dregs though.
Only small dregs of underwater grass and seaweed remained… and the ground smelled heavily of salt.
coffee dregs
Others are, quite frankly, the dregs of society.
He drained the last of his coffee dregs and got up.
These were mostly the dregs of society, the very poor, the crippled, the refugees and vagrants, the streetwalkers, the so-called witches, and all other manner of wretched folk.
The film is so good at anti-glamour that it made me question my fondness for other movies about society’s dregs .
That’s why you built your career on defending the dregs of society.



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