Terjemahan dari prey
prey, victim, kill, quarry, trophy, ravin
target, goal, objective, aim, object, prey
prey, quarry, fugitive
torture, torment, punish, strain, persecute, prey
strike, pounce, grasp, prey, swoop down, steal
undermine, gnaw, prey, embezzle
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Definisi prey
an animal that is hunted and killed by another for food.
the kestrel is ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey
sinonim: quarry, kill
hunt and kill for food.
small birds that prey on insect pests
quarry, victim, target
raven, feed
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Gardaí believe he was one of the leaders of a group of Traveller families who prey on elderly people living alone in remote, rural parts of the west of Ireland.
Perhaps this shows us another reason for fear of spiders – it is the only other creature that sets traps and toys with its prey before killing it.
Rodents are prey for avian, reptilian, and mammalian predators.
Lacewings are beneficial insects which prey on bugs that damage food crops.
Insects feeding on the blood of higher animals locate their prey by following the high CO2 gradient produced by its breath.
I would also like to point out that foxes prey on rabbits and other small animals for food, which is a natural instinct, but humans are not natural predators to the fox.
small birds that prey on insect pests
Many animals that are prey , such as rabbits and deer, have much less binocular vision.
Eastern Screech-Owls are known to prey on a variety of insects, small birds, and small mammals.
Venoms immobilise and kill their prey by blocking certain ‘targets’ within the body.
As more visitors come to centres like Newry, unfortunately so too do criminals on the lookout for easyprey .
Think of a carnivore animal evolving powerful jaws to catch and kill its prey .
If we kept you on, the employee who had cost us so much, we would look like a laughing stock, and we’d also be easy prey for rival businesses.
Rogue traders who prey on York’s elderly residents could face court as city councillors step up their campaign against doorstep crime.
The carnival regularly attracts armies of purse snatchers and pickpockets who find easy prey among the revellers.
That the enemy had not singled Winfred out to be easy prey was nothing short of pure fortune, especially with the battle still raging before his eyes.
The exotic spiders, which are at first of normal size, slowly start to grow bigger and burst out of their confines to prey on the township population.
Should we fumble, should we fall in the middle of the road, we will become easy prey .
Giant condors scavenged on the remains of prey killed by predators such as the American lion and sabre-toothed cats.
These hordes of hungry insects will prey on many destructive garden bugs.
In the past, the bigger the tournament, the more the magnitude of a victory seemed to prey on her mind.
Benson Osawe, academic affairs officer at the university’s student union, said students were often seen as easy prey .
Those stages for the tree are then linked to the various pests that prey on apple trees and fruits.
Security-shy residents are allowing themselves to become easy prey for burglars.
To assure the bugs have enough food if insect prey is scarce, place some apple slices in the nursery.
When I’m between jobs, the issue of money tends to prey on my mind.
In addition, people who were with drawing money from banks were easy prey for robbers.
The niggling doubts surrounding his decision made so long ago fashioned him as easy prey for Jennifer’s plan.
These birds, endemic in southern Africa, are obligate scavengers, which means they are unable to kill their own prey as eagles or hawks do.
As much as I am appalled at what cats do to defenceless animals, I could never be cruel to them, even when they invade my garden to prey on the birds that drop in for food and water.
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