Terjemahan dari glean
collect, pick up, levy, glean, gather, adopt
mengumpulkan sedikit-sedikit
Definisi glean
extract (information) from various sources.
the information is gleaned from press clippings
sinonim: obtain, get, take, draw, derive, extract, cull, garner, gather, learn, find out
  • obtain, get, take, draw, derive, extract, cull, garner, gather, learn, find out
  • harvest, reap
They were not to glean their fields for stray grain, nor harvest the corners.
In the open-field areas of northern France they could glean after harvest and their cattle could graze on the stubble.
Political correspondents tried every tactic to glean a name, but even the collective force of the media could not undo this seasoned pro.
So what can we glean from our collection of titles?
After the harvest the peasants enjoyed the collective right to glean and to graze livestock on the stubble.
I use junk to fix things and glean new ideas and inspiration.
Other marketing information is gleaned from forms filled out in return for free health screenings at malls.
They gleaned and gathered fuel, nuts, berries, mushrooms, and acorns.
Much information could be gleaned from them, since in their state of sleep and partial awareness they could do little but sit, watch and wait.
Gradually I gleaned the truth from a thousand tales of mystery and woe.
All warbles preferred gleaning as the main technique to catch prey.
Defter yet, the birds will take their bearings, never going high, and glide, unshackled from similitude, down to the next field for newer gleaning .
Much has been written elsewhere about the state of the wreck itself, and more information can begleaned from the expedition website.
Much valuable information may again be gleaned from the internet with reference to what is required for that type of production.
Although returns from individual sector funds will be hard to predict using a benchmark’s historical performance, there is valuable information to be gleaned from the way the overall sector moves.
Most of her war information is gleaned from her twice-weekly phone chats with her husband.
Most of the book is given to a meticulous gleaning of the kinds of religion and spirituality engaged in by the various characters of the novels.
Only scanty information could be gleaned from POWs.
That data was gleaned and resold by the agencies to news media, market researchers and other retailers.
More prosaic information to be gleaned from the house-buying public includes the statistic that 71% of couples say that buying a house is a joint decision.
Much information is gleaned from secondary sources or has been covered in more detail elsewhere by previous authors.
Information was gleaned from operating reports dictated for the surgical procedures and available for review.
Most of the detail was gleaned from features and letters in this newspaper.
What kinds of virtues are required to succeed as gleaner ?
Like the planter’s grain or publisher’s newspaper clippings, the overabundance of our media archives can now be clipped and gathered by a new generation of gleaners .
If this field were enclosed, the common right of gleaning would essentially be forbidden under the practices associated with private ownership.
Third, commoning is a collective endeavor as depicted, for example, in the many paintings of gleaningthe harvest.
It’s a gleaning of bits from the newspaper.
The following information has been gleaned from interviews and research pertaining to the dangers of radiation.
A wise man should learn good behaviour, good words and good acts from every side, as a gleanercollects grains of corn from the field abandoned by the reapers.



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