Terjemahan dari derogatory
yg menghina
derogatory, slighting, contemptuous, derogative, insulting, mortifying
bersifat merugikan orang lain
derogatory, derogative
Definisi derogatory
showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.
she tells me I’m fat and is always making derogatory remarks
sinonim: disparaging, denigratory, deprecatory, disrespectful, demeaning, critical, pejorative, negative, unfavorable, uncomplimentary, unflattering, insulting, offensive, personal, abusive, rude, nasty, mean, hurtful, defamatory, slanderous, libelous, bitchy, catty
  • disparaging, denigratory, deprecatory, disrespectful, demeaning, critical, pejorative, negative,unfavorable, uncomplimentary, unflattering, insulting, offensive, personal, abusive, rude,nasty, mean, hurtful, defamatory, slanderous, libelous, bitchy, catty
  • disparaging, derogative
Peers often hold back and may refer to the gifted person in derogatory terms.
Buying the best talent around and then making derogatory remarks about other professionals is a swift route to antagonism.
They sang rebel songs and made the odd derogatory remark about the yeomen.
Elsewhere, this choice of discipline might have attracted derogatory remarks.
A nightclub boss has been suspended following an allegation over a racially derogatory remark.
The people who made the derogatory remarks were a group whose tongues may have been loosened by drink.
People stood on platforms, violently gesticulating and calling each other derogatory names.
And bear in mind I mean no disrespect and that the term used is definitely not derogatory in any way.
Some time ago on this site I made some derogatory comments about birds.
People have lost their jobs over derogatory remarks made in blogs, but can you be sued for libel or defamation?
He said that we could not refer to groups of people in derogatory terms.
I would also ask her to listen carefully, and not to dismiss you with derogatory remarks.
I could only make out my name and from her tone of voice I realized that it was used in derogatoryterms.
The use of slang has been common among doctors for years, despite official disapproval ofderogatory terms.
Secondly, irritating, defamatory and derogatory comments left at this site by visitors will be deleted.
Much urban music is plagued by an attitude towards women and gay people that is derogatory .
Almost every reference to them employs demeaning and derogatory stereotypes.
I find the consistently derogatory comments about the people who ride motorcycles totally unacceptable.
I was disappointed that he had to resort to derogatory and intolerant remarks to try to be funny.
Why should you and I be forced to suffer repeated use of a derogatory professional insult?
Roma, derogatorily known as gypsies, have lived in Eastern Europe since about 1300.
This is why serious astrologers shrink away from what is somewhat derogatorily referred to as ‘sun-sign astrology‘.
Further, as many group occasions were bachelor parties, men in groups often spoke derogatorilyabout marriage and relationships.
The years that followed have loosely been described – usually derogatorily – as an ‘arms race.’
Many of the incomers (or ‘white settlers’, as they are sometimes derogatorily known) are seeking a better quality of life away from the big cities.
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