Terjemahan dari departure
departure, embarkation, sailing, going, outgo, get-away
departure, pullout, journey
permulaan kebiasaan
Definisi departure
the action of leaving, typically to start a journey.
the day of departure
sinonim: leaving, going, leave-taking, withdrawal, exit, egress, retreat
  • leaving, going, leave-taking, withdrawal, exit, egress, retreat
  • deviation, divergence, digression, shift, variation, change
  • change, innovation, novelty, rarity
  • difference, divergence, deviation
  • passing, going, loss, exit, expiration, release
  • going, leaving, going away
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she made a hasty departure
The first shift required is a departure from being concerned only with patients who are referred to outpatient clinics.
It was, of course, a huge departure from the tradition represented by Perkin.
Their departure was apparently prompted by policy disagreements.
Most airlines advise passengers to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight’s scheduleddeparture .
the day of departure
Their approach may have triggered the thief’s hasty departure , said Wade.
There is a perception that buying foreign currency at the airport departure lounge can be expensive.
Of course, this means a radical departure from current planning processes.
The Bahamas Spirit originally arrived at the terminal last week, but her departure was delayed for engine repairs.
The College expansion will need approval because it is a departure from the 1956 Development Town Map.
And our new songs are a drastic departure from what we were doing before.
Again, his views on immigration are a significant departure from the current orthodoxy within his own party.
Rumours still swirl as to what precipitated the conductor’s departure .
This is a major departure from the electoral procedures laid down by law.
On the day of departure the team received a cheque for $3,500 the result of fundraising on their base.
Lynette had spotted Agravaine shortly after the departure of Gwyneth and Gaheris to Orkney.
This is a departure from last year’s event which was only open to business people under the age of thirty-five.
The story was a refreshing departure from the average narrative plot, while still remaining entertaining.
After the hasty departure of the two members of the Special Branch, we heard nothing from Scotland Yard for almost two days.
We met several more of the LGMC boys waiting for departure and most of them are on our train so I’ll head back once we get underway and catch up with them.
The detour or departure from this journey is usually short lived once the map is drawn.
the day of departure
A diabetic diet need not mean a complete departure from a normal one; often, a few adjustments will suffice.
In the Oberoi Flight Services kitchen, food is cooked eight hours in advance of flight departure .
Many survivors said the fire began about 90 minutes after departure , but the ship kept going.
the album is not a radical departure from the band’s previous work
The idea may be a departure from the traditional ruthless image of investment banks, but Robey says it’s no hollow promise.
In a departure from the norm, you are offered a choice of starters first, both non-vegetarian and vegetarian.
In a complete departure from themes of popular culture, Coupland examines issues of loss, grief and faith.
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