Terjemahan dari summon
call, summon, call out, call in, address, get
order, command, instruct, enjoin, charge, summon
set forth, summon
Definisi summon
authoritatively or urgently call on (someone) to be present, especially as a defendant or witness in a law court.
the pope summoned Anselm to Rome
sinonim: send for, call for, request the presence of, ask, invite
  • send for, call for, request the presence of, ask, invite
  • serve with a summons, summons, subpoena, cite, serve with a citation
  • convene, assemble, order, call, announce, convoke
  • muster, gather, collect, rally, screw up
  • call to mind, call up/forth, conjure up, evoke, recall, revive, arouse, kindle, awaken, spark (off)
  • conjure up, call up, invoke
  • come up, muster, muster up, rally
  • mobilize, marshal
  • cite, summons
Lebih sedikit sinonim
To summon up some pre-broadcast interest, Starkey’s been banging his tambourine for England at the expense of the Scots, which shows the desperate dullness of his subject.
Manda proposed that the ZRFU should summon a meeting of councillors to discuss the change of tenure of office from two to four years and then hold elections for new office bearers.
There were times in that second half though when it seemed neither team would summon up the collective nerve to win.
But smaller parties and independent candidates could not summon these resources at such short notice, and so were at a disadvantage, Scallon said.
Unable to swim or summon help, he soon lost consciousness and floated face down just a few metres off the beach at the resort of Los Christianos in May.
Volvo’s latest wheeze is an optional communications package that uses telematics to summon help in an emergency.
Or is it the way that British nationals were left to their own devices while vainly trying to summon help from local embassies?
Under the proposals put forward by BT, a robbery victim wouldn’t even be able to use a public call box to summon help.
He tried to summon help but the call buttons had still not been repaired.
One of the men managed to grab onto a tree, reach safety and summon help.
He must now make an effort to summon the energy to do what once came naturally.
she managed to summon up a smile
names that summon up images of far-off places
she managed to summon up a smile
The mobile phone is certainly a must for pedestrians as in times of distress they can summonimmediate help.
I know it constitutes an effort to summon up a sense of everyday life in a small town that is not precisely like every other in Germany.
names that summon up images of far-off places
The emphatic gold cross of the foreground casts what is in effect its shadow, in the off-white form ‘behind’ it, to summon depth and encourage our involvement.
That’s a perspective Bell might not have been able to summon five years ago.
The local school was broken into, a man and woman were viciously assaulted, another family had tosummon help to prevent their house being broke into and car stolen.
We are now all in constant touch with each other and the control room and can summon help quickly when the need arises.
Practical solutions lie well within our grasp if we can summon up the political will to act.
Quite how they could summon up the energy for their second half display will remain a mystery butsummon up the energy they did.
A few people worked out what was going on, but couldn’t summon up the interest to write in.
When life deals her another blow, Kiki must summon every ounce of inspiration to overcome it.
They should summon help immediately and activate the fire plan.
In the bedroom and bathroom are other safety gadgets – alarms that automatically summon help if the floor floods, or if the wearer takes a fall.
Wanderers didn’t strain every sinew and summon every ounce of effort to gain promotion just to spend a season in the Premiership playing for sympathy.
And they said the mobile phone they used to summon help had only one bar of battery power left when they found a signal.
At 21-14 it looked as if Ashton’s drop goal could be vital, but the Dragons could not summon up the energy for the final effort.



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