Terjemahan dari costly
sangat berharga
luxurious, plush, posh, sumptuous, lavish, costly
yg merugikan
prejudicial, injurious, calamitous, adverse, damnific, costly
Definisi costly
costing a lot; expensive.
major problems requiring costly repairs
sinonim: expensive, dear, high-priced, highly priced, overpriced, steep, pricey, spendy, costing an arm and a leg, costing the earth
  • expensive, dear, high-priced, highly priced, overpriced, steep, pricey, spendy, costing an arm and a leg, costing the earth
  • catastrophic, disastrous, calamitous, ruinous, damaging, harmful, injurious, deleterious,woeful, awful, terrible, dreadful, grievous
  • dear, pricey, pricy, high-priced
Lebih sedikit sinonim
It was considered to be too costly to repair and was offered for sale and removal.
It is also useful for parents wishing to let their kids play with a toy before making a costly purchase.
Legal processes are costly in terms of both the fees and the management time involved.
They have plowed billions into the project and are keen to ensure it doesn’t turn into a costly flightless bird.
It is also a pity that, after such a fine career, he made such a costly error.
The more places help and support are available, the greater their chances of kicking the costly habit.
Research of this kind requires a lot of expensive brainpower and costly equipment.
It seems the council missed out on an opportunity and made a costly mistake.
It indicates that the dropped catch proved too costly for the team.
This will teach him very early in life that some mistakes are costly and cannot afford to be made again.
Being able to prevent costly repairs is crucial on such expensive machinery.
Such knowledge could save them from some costly misunderstandings and mistakes.
Several anglers meanwhile did own up to missing bites, which proved costly .
The problem with this argument is that the managerial regime is still relatively costly in two ways.
The miss proved costly when, five minutes later, his own goal put the game beyond them.
This scared her because she feared not following through might one day be costly in terms of her job.
Uneven pavements can cause very serious injuries which is costly for health services and the council.
It could prove a costly mistake and mean the difference between community service and prison.
The more you reduce something, the harder and more costly it becomes to shrink it any further.
Having to pull back at the last minute was costly in both money and reputation.
Even putting together a bid, with no guarantee of success, would be costly .
He later admitted his decision to try and drive the green on the third was a costly mistake.
As can be seen from the failure to pinpoint him this time round, the lapse in security was a careless and costly blunder.
All the time our idiot in his costly clothing with expensive tackle failed to catch a single fish.
It’s a costly ritual, and one that I begrudge, but it beats my woeful attempts with a needle and thread.
There can be a question mark over access to the property and it could prove impossible or costly to try to cover all the options.
Mistakes also tend to figure highly and sometimes those mistakes can prove to be very costly .
However, a couple of fatal flaws in an otherwise solid defence proved costly .
Many people are going to find it is too costly to apply to the university of their choice.
In fairness, it was probably the only mistake the referee made all night but it was costly



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