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area, region, district, county, zone, terrain
region, territory, district, zone, domain, county
province, county, canton
Definisi county
(in the US) a political and administrative division of a state, providing certain local governmental services.
His spending blazed a new path through the county ‘s usual political circuit.
region, province, administrative unit, territory, district, area
the whole county welcomed them home
Most county and local governments, including school districts, also offer some sort of supplementary compensation.
He also was the only pro-life Democratic politician in the county .
Residents will have the chance to express their views and concerns about local policing to the county‘s chief constable in a live webchat next week.
The results in the local county assembly election district were more mixed.
county championship
The county has a political structure that has pushed for integrated housing and public facilities.
Local councils across the county have also signed up to the campaign.
Meanwhile, the man and his family have retaliated against the county and its political system.
The violent attack on the county chief is a serious challenge to state authority that should never be tolerated under any circumstance.
England is also a culture of many smaller regionalisms, still centered on the old governmental unit of the county and the local villages and towns.
The data were initially collected at the county level for all metropolitan counties in the United States.
But he claimed highways chiefs from the county ‘s local councils had been insistent that the 11 additional sites were needed now.
He outlined in particular, the importance of the local hospital for the county .
a county grande dame
The majority live and work in every corner of the county – delivering local, not remote services.
The political absorption of the county by London gathered pace in the 19th cent.
The sites can be used to highlight important issues being tackled in the community as well as basic information such as county division and political party.
Residents have urged the county ‘s traffic chiefs to fund separate safety measures in a bid to halt the mounting death toll.
On Tuesday, hundreds of protesters drove trucks into the county administration building and injured a score of police troops on guard.
The supervisors may be able to exert political pressure, but have little other power over the county ‘s transportation plans.
administration at county level
On the basis of his study of the political conflict in that county , the author argues that the civil war was in its beginning a revolt against high taxes.
It’s a big deal here, in a county where politics means everything.
When he asked the county administration for a copy, he was told the permit couldn’t be found.
But the county ‘s fire chief said he thought the dispute was damaging and could be protracted.
That means in areas which still have county councils, either the county or the local district would have to go.
one of the most attractive towns in the county
That alone made it an alluring county for political consultants to work in.
He said a state law required the county to give the major political parties their copies for free.
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