Glitch artinya kesalahan. a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment

Simak beberapa contoh kalimat di bawah untuk lebih memahaminya

It took most of the next morning to figure out the glitch and devise a temporary fix.

However, the department has dismissed the issue as a temporary glitch and says the tagging of sheep will do a lot more for the credibility of the industry than farmers care to admit.

The one glitch of the play that I must note was the unexpected thunder at the start of the second half of the performance after intermission.

Now the beauty is that the hologram forms so tightly to your body that if someone touches the hologram it doesn’t glitch or anything.

Every now and then, there is frustration when there is a software glitch or a hardware fault, causing messages to appear on the screen in highly technical language.

They are confident it has hit a temporary glitch .

I knew there hadn’t been any of those, so it must have been a temporary glitch , right?

Many firms see the recessionary side of the current market as a temporary glitch , rather than a cause for serious concern.

her job involves troubleshooting when systems glitch

this has been the first real glitch they’ve encountered in a three months’ tour

This was a mistake, a glitch or hiccup in Lara’s life plans.

I was the unexpected glitch in everyone’s plan.

People who would love and cherish a child and because of some cosmic glitch may never get to do so.

a draft version was lost in a computer glitch

The woman in the call centre told me that the letter had been sent out by accident – a computer glitch , she told me.

A slight glitch in the real life, nothing terribly serious, just time consuming.

He hopes that will prove to have been a temporary glitch in his quest for more glory.

He also would frequently get angry when the programs would glitch and he couldn’t write what he wanted to on the screen.

This market has a unique requirement – it cannot tolerate a disruption in the data flow or the picture you’re viewing on the screen will glitch .

the only glitch in his year is failing to qualify for the Masters

As your ruler Mercury goes retrograde, you could experience an unexpected glitch .

The show is 100% sold out, and through a computer glitch in the box office, there were twenty double bookings.

It may seem obvious after shares in a glitch company have recovered, but how do investors differentiate a glitch from a problem that is more systemic within a business?

As a brief glitch this would have been irritating but excusable.

a draft version was lost in a computer glitch

Computer glitches , bad weather, a number of airline workers sick-outs all contributed to leaving thousands of flights unflown and piles of baggage unhandled.

The laboratory demonstration is related to puzzling glitches observed by astronomers in the otherwise smooth, rapid rotation of pulsars.

There are so many problems, so many glitches , so many ways with which this bill is not good even short-term policy, that we are going to have to figure out a way to address it.

The daily meeting provides you with an opportunity to ask questions and be reassured, and it provides the contractor with an opportunity to explain glitches , delays, and so on.

System overloads cause brief glitches and outages, draining the power we take for granted from our appliances and modern devices.



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