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comprehension, perception
cognition, meaning, sense, notion, perceptivity, comprehension
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perception, comprehension
Definisi comprehension
the action or capability of understanding something.
some won’t have the least comprehension of what I’m trying to do
sinonim: understanding, grasp, conception, apprehension, cognition, ken, knowledge, awareness, perception, interpretation
  • understanding, grasp, conception, apprehension, cognition, ken, knowledge, awareness,perception, interpretation
  • inclusion
Contoh comprehesion
Letter matching was also found to predict significantly reading comprehension in later elementary school.
To enhance comprehension , workbooks contain lessons but not headings or titles.
Since you are striving for something that is basically beyond your comprehension and ability, you cannot trust yourself to do all the right things to get you there.
Success in the math lesson was not dependent on the students’ full comprehension of mathematical problems or questions.
Her mother looked at her for a moment before comprehension dawned on her face.
the comprehension of spoken language
How do I decode such an obtuse dialect with my mere mortal comprehension of the English language?
listening comprehension
the comprehension of spoken language
it’s beyond human comprehension
comprehension exercises
What makes the red heifer so interesting is that it is beyond human comprehension .
Do not mistake my accent for poor comprehension of your language.
On the other hand, reading the texts from two different perspectives may improve comprehension .
When reading comprehension is assessed through writing, these difficulties are compounded.
I admit it is a big challenge for my English listening comprehension .
The passage of time and the limits of the written record have rendered full comprehensionunobtainable.
Instead of that sixth-grade math class, I think maybe Murray needs a few remedial lessons in verbalcomprehension .
It is simply beyond a tourist’s comprehension to understand why such ancient monuments, which do not require maintenance on a weekly basis, are closed once a week.
Despite the anxiety that went with less than full comprehension , he took the job.
And how such reading exercises would help genuine poets replenish their language defiescomprehension .
Bells and whistles don’t necessarily improve comprehension , says Mathie.
According to Wolf and Bowers, they may also show problems in reading comprehension .
reading comprehension
they showed full comprehension of the rule
that statement defies comprehension
The look changed to one of dawning comprehension and the guard turned to shout a warning.
Both types of curriculum encompass listening comprehension , speaking, reading, writing, and grammar components.
some won’t have the least comprehension of what I’m trying to do
some won’t have the least comprehension of what I’m trying to do
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