Terjemahan dari forge
forge, fuller, strike off
falsify, forge, fabricate, fake, counterfeit, adulterate
imitate, mimic, emulate, copy, duplicate, forge
fuse, forge, unite, join, agree, fuze
lead, head, preside, guide, conduct, forge
concoct, fabricate, forge, make up
bengkel pandai besi
forge, smithy
tempat bekerja pandai besi
Definisi forge
a blacksmith’s workshop; a smithy.
Culm was the material most widely used in the forges by blacksmiths and large quantities of the sub-stance were imported from England and Wales for that purpose.
make or shape (a metal object) by heating it in a fire or furnace and beating or hammering it.
For a dark blade such as this, the metal is forged in a magical fire of burning ice.
sinonim: hammer out, beat into shape, fashion
produce a copy or imitation of (a document, signature, banknote, or work or art) for the purpose of deception.
The plaintiff could easily have forged her partner’s signature to it.
sinonim: fake, falsify, counterfeit, copy, imitate, reproduce, replicate, simulate
move forward gradually or steadily.
he forged through the crowded side streets
sinonim: advance steadily, advance gradually, press on, push on, soldier on, march on, push forward, make progress, make headway
  • smithy
  • hammer out, beat into shape, fashion
  • build, construct, form, create, establish, set up
  • fake, falsify, counterfeit, copy, imitate, reproduce, replicate, simulate
  • advance steadily, advance gradually, press on, push on, soldier on, march on, push forward,make progress, make headway
  • devise, formulate, contrive, excogitate, invent
  • hammer
  • form, mold, work, shape
  • fashion
  • spirt, spurt
  • fake, counterfeit
Lebih sedikit sinonim
While at Arthur Leek, he used his skills as a tool-maker to forge the hammers and chisels he still uses today.
Butter making, crochet, patchwork quilts, the traditional spinning wheel and a mobile forge are but a few of the items and sideshows that will feature at the rally.
Twenty years ago there was talk about using our five stations and new satellite technology to forge a strong, national, progressive voice.
All at once there was a terrible crash and the bricks of the blacksmith’s forge fell away.
But when we walk past the blacksmith’s forge , a large man stops us.
These blessed states are partly a free gift and partly earned: we travail to forge the metal which lightning may strike.
There was knowledge a plenty in the area about how to mine, refine, and forge the metal.
I wasn’t sure I knew how to forge a metal like that, let alone how to make the synthetic compounds that made the stock and foregrip.
And then he’d gone and blown the blacksmith’s forge up.
Offerings have to be prepared four times in the course of the kris making: when the job is about to begin, to forge the metal, to plate it and to bathe it.
The boffins also came to the conclusion that the armour was made in a low temperature bush fire and not in a blacksmith’s forge as originally thought.
She taught me to forge iron bells out of nails hammered into the shape of feathers.
Their shops ware on Main Street and on the Milldam, along with a brass foundry, an iron forge with a trip-hammer and wiredrawing mill and several cabinetmakers.
The new building was on the site of an old forge .
He feels he gets his musical talents from his late grandfather, Tom Dalton, who played the fiddle and who once owned a forge in Abbeyleix and from his mother Mary who also plays the accordion.
Yet quality serves not only to forge successful interconnections within the industry, but also to create points of disconnection.
A small boy operating the bellows in the blacksmith’s forge cost the rider an extra time delay in addition to the hours he had lost making the repair.
Government has reaffirmed its commitment to forge strong ties with the private sector in order to create employment and reduce poverty.
The Bell, once the village pub, shut in 1988 and is now the The Bell House; alongside, only the name remains of what was the forge .
This could, with considerable effort, be used to forge certificates and signatures.
Mr Godbold’s work has taken him all over Britain and he says the variety is what makes his job most interesting, although he now spends more than half his time in the office rather than the forge .
Gifford also had an interest in the family water-powered iron forge and hoe factory on the opposite side of the street from these mills.
He showed how to fire up the forge in the smithy and produce coke from the soft coal.
Then he bought a small forge and began to produce dozens of candlesticks and figurines in his garden shed by the ‘lost wax’ method used by medieval artisans.
Inquiring for the blacksmith, they found him in the forge not far from the house.
But till this very day, the forge and anvil are used by blacksmiths to mold and carve the general shape and desired balance of a weathervane.
Using long-handled tongs, he holds the metal in the forge until it heats to a dull red or straw color, then quickly moves it to the anvil.
Wrought iron was worked in a forge by the blacksmith.
The forger then seized the blank in a pair of tongs and reheated it in his forge or furnace to as high a temperature as the metal could stand without burning up.
And because it is an unsigned copy, they don’t even have to forge a signature.
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