Terjemahan dari cater
serve, service, cater, minister, attend, oblige
menyediakan makanan
feed, cater, victual, board
meet, fulfill, satisfy, comply, cater, fill
care, take care of, manage, look after, arrange, cater
melever makanan
Definisi cater
provide food and drink, typically at social events and in a professional capacity.
he catered a lunch for 20 people
  • provide food for, feed, serve, cook for
  • serve, provide for, meet the needs/wants of, accommodate, satisfy, indulge, pander to, gratify
  • take into account, take into consideration, allow for, consider, bear in mind, make provision for, have regard for
  • supply, provide, ply
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The food is wonderful they cater well for vegetarians and children and the staff are really friendly and professional.
I’m in the catering business – among other things – and I will be most glad to cater your dinner or lunch or whatever.
my mother helped to cater for the party
Upon hearing news of the Queen’s visit, Chartwells Catering Services – which serves Sheridan College as well as St. Jerome’s University – chose six of the best chefs in its employ to cater the event.
The restaurant Nikolas hired to cater the dinner did a wonderful job.
They said they had made a lot of arrangements to prepare submissions, organise time off for the presenters and prepare the conference room for the meeting, as well as to cater breakfast and lunch.
We often cater at local events, specialising in Indian foods and make a sauce which is so popular that we have been asked time and time again about the possibility of buying it in the shops.
my mother helped to cater for the party
The number of wells in the region is not enough to cater to the demands of the residents.
We were soon to discover that this ‘world’ included pampering and catering to our every need and whim.
A wide variety of sizes and styles of housing would be provided in order to cater to a wide range of pocket books and lifestyles.
In Britain the estimate is 9 billion kilos of food is wasted after catered meals and all of it is dumped.
All enjoyed a meal catered by Prater’s Barbeque and musical entertainment provided by the bluegrass and gospel group, the Buck Mountain Boys.
The whole party is being catered and the twenty-something woman making drinks tells me she ran out of tonic an hour ago.
Hollywood caterers receive an average of $15 a day for each person they feed on a movie set.
Manzo said the meals were catered lunches or dinners for the caucus on days when the Legislature was in session.
Approximately 150 people attended the event, which featured a meal catered by Margaret Trusty Catering.
Obviously, you’ll only be able to invite a select number of guests but at least you won’t have to worry about catering .
Her new career is in catering , a far cry from the committee rooms and party politicking at City Hall in Bradford.
Staff catered the meals, and everyone helped with noncooking chores.
The talented chef, who says the crash cost him his job and marriage, said he still had aspirations to pursue a career in catering .
The jazz club also will be used as an additional room for meetings and special catered events.
It has been a lifelong ambition to work in catering , yet over the years I stayed within the care sector as it suited my lifestyle.
Twenty-one years ago White catered events to make extra money during school breaks from the University of Colorado, where she majored in journalism.
Some of the people who take part will be able to earn certificates in food hygiene, catering , first aid and firefighting.
It is not necessary to provide catering as many visitors prefer to self cater or to partake of local cuisine.
It caters specially for dyslexic children, children with special educational needs and children who struggle in large schools, and has an unusually high teacher-to-pupil ratio, with each tutor looking after about eight pupils.
She works hard at two jobs, one in catering , the other in a nightclub, so when she has a night off she likes to let her hair down.
They provided catering and a television so people wouldn’t miss the AFL Grand Final.
Dinner tickets are 5,000 and include a fabulous meal catered by Chouwa, and a chance to win some great raffle prizes.
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