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inspiration, brainwave, revelation, brainstorm
Definisi brainstorm
a spontaneous group discussion to produce ideas and ways of solving problems.
A survey by Business Link revealed that few rated brainstorms or discussions at work with colleagues.
a moment in which one is suddenly unable to think clearly or act sensibly.
Annabel Goldie had a brainstorm – or maybe she’s on something – and started flirting with Jack at Question Time.
produce an idea or way of solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussion.
a brainstorming session
brainwave, insight
brainstorm exercises
I would so loved to have been in the brainstorm for this.
Unless, of course, Scotland takes a collective brainstorm and opts for the Green Trot Nat coalition which united last week around the separatist standard.
He used to always show up at this annual campus event we’d have during Pride Week, and one year a theatre major had a big brainstorm .
This brainstorm on the eve of October 30th at his home in London, Ontario would lead to Banting formulating a hypothesis.
In the next game, Rigel appears to have a brainstorm at – 30, unnecessarily playing a cross-court drive-volley and putting it well wide.
To work with staff, consider an informal brainstorm luncheon to seek new ideas for training sessions.
The executive leadership symposium started out as a brainstorm for AORN and quickly became a success.
Each girl in the program is given a journal in which to record impressions of the art seen, respond to presentations by guest speakers, and brainstorm ideas for their final projects.
By the fall of 1963, he was coaching his brainstorm – Canada’s first national hockey team.
Inside, the atmosphere is like a shared brainstorm .
A quick brainstorm session with a group of fourteen women volunteers in July 2000 produced the following list of benefits of volunteering.
We recommend that the project hold a brainstorm session in the early phases to determine ‘What is to be risk-managed.’
Liverpool had equalised in the 54th minute when McEveley suffered a brainstorm and hit a free kick straight to Garcia, who immediately lobbed the ball through for Baros to score.
Stead off, ‘Andrew’ Cole on, Radostin Kishishev has an inexplicable brainstorm in front of goal, weakly knocks it to Kiely, and Cole gets in and scores.
The Appeals Court should be deciding any time now whether or not to send the case back to the District Court with a new judge, and unless the judges have had some kind of collective brainstormsince the court last spoke, they’ll send it back.
And Jean Van de Velde’s brainstorm at Carnoustie four years ago looms large in most memories.
One night I had a brainstorm – why not use our propane burner for canning?
If not specified by the customer, this is usually done by a brainstorm session wherein the project management staff express their opinions.
‘The tween is much more sophisticated than people credit,’ Marcy George, US licensing director, says during a merchandising brainstorm session.
Each Friday they have a brainstorm session, and realize they have a ton of features they’d love to commit to.
I was in a brainstorm at my company a few months ago, a session of throwing ideas around.
Whatever happened, I had a brainstorm , because I thought I had always understood the way it worked.
Then came Bellamy’s brainstorm in retaliation to a foul by Nikolai Ryndyuk on the half way line.
As Doctoroff watched in wonder at the nationalistic passion, a brainstorm struck.
Well, I had a bit of a brainstorm which, er, resulted in me purchasing a LCD Projector!
I did very little production on this, I supervised and project managed the design team and dealt with several staff issues but actually had minimal design input past the brainstorm .
In other words, as everyone now recognizes, this work followed the brainstorm of Koltsov’s problem of the molecular nature of genes.
And later, how to stop a brainstorm with more and more American kids on behavior-changing drugs.
People come together and you get more of a brainstorm than you do on your own.
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