Terjemahan dari concede
admit, recognize, acknowledge, confess, concede, profess
give up, surrender, give in, yield, submit, concede
submit, hand, give, hand over, give up, concede
allow, permit, authorize, consent, grant, concede
justify, confirm, condone, correct, warrant, concede
memberi hak
authorize, capacitate, charter, warrant, concede, seat
Definisi concede
admit that something is true or valid after first denying or resisting it.
I had to concede that I’d overreacted
sinonim: admit, acknowledge, accept, allow, grant, recognize, own, confess, agree
surrender or yield (something that one possesses).
to concede all the territory he’d won
sinonim: surrender, yield, give up, relinquish, cede, hand over
  • admit, acknowledge, accept, allow, grant, recognize, own, confess, agree
  • surrender, yield, give up, relinquish, cede, hand over
  • confess, profess
  • grant, yield
  • cede, grant, yield
Lebih sedikit sinonim
It left Tadcaster a mountain to climb after the interval but to their credit they tried to make a contest of it and did well to concede only one more in the last 35 minutes.
But Salmond appeared to concede that he had overreacted in his response to the PCC.
It is true, as I concede in the essay, that money is fungible.
The fact is that to concede a right of this nature would have ruptured Marx’s vision of a communist harmony.
A moment later he told members of his campaign that he was ready to concede the election to Bush, which he did several minutes later over the telephone.
Comer will concede a height advantage on Wednesday as they have done all year.
Party spokesmen were shouted down, since they refused to concede these demands.
But why are so many of us so ready to concede defeat?
They thought he should be reined in and should concede territory to his colleagues to ensure Fine Gael dominance in Mayo.
This is the biggest threat to Rangers because PSG will concede a lot of territory in the hope that one or two decent chances fall Anelka’s way.
I had to concede that I’d overreacted
Close colleagues of Wark’s now concede that she accepts the holiday with McConnell was a ‘regrettable error of judgment’.
While they don’t concede goals frivolously, getting the ball in the net has become something of a luxury.
Fisher was, in fact, due to compete in the qualifying tournament for the men’s competition, but was forced to concede her match after getting stuck in traffic in Harrogate.
But other types of companies aren’t ready to concede their turf without a fight.
As much as I hated to concede defeat, I opened the door and asked, ‘Anyone have any ideas?’
Many in the party seemed helpless before the Republican success, ready to concede the 2004 election.
In South Africa this year a ruling class which had always denied the vote to the great majority of the population was forced to concede universal suffrage at one blow.
Milosevic lost the elections, but even two weeks later, he still refused to concede defeat.
I think it’s time to concede the race and throw my support behind other weblogs.
I’m not ready to concede any black folk to the right just yet.
I had to concede that I’d overreacted
A mass pitch invasion by hundreds of Pakistani fans left a steward badly injured, and forced a team toconcede a match for the first time in the history of cricket.
Pressure from Robbie Casey forced two Glenavon players to concede possession and John Martin was on hand to latch on to the loose ball.
Europe started the day 10-8 behind and suffered an early blow when Thomas Bjorn was forced toconcede his match against Paul Casey because of a neck injury.
I concede that is probably true with respect to most gorillas and most men.
ready to concede the gold medal
It took only minutes before Karae was ready to concede the equestrianship title to Yelan.
to concede all the territory he’d won
Instead, the aim seems to be to concede possession and prevent other teams using it with any creativity before hitting that quick ball forward.



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