Terjemahan dari besmirch
tarnish, stain, taint, desecrate, sully, besmirch
vilify, disfigure, speak ill of, besmirch, disfeature
Definisi besmirch
damage the reputation of (someone or something) in the opinion of others.
he had besmirched the good name of his family
sinonim: sully, tarnish, blacken, drag through the mud/mire, stain, taint, smear, disgrace, dishonor, bring discredit to, damage, debase, ruin, slander, malign, defame, besmear, smirch, breathe on
  • sully, tarnish, blacken, drag through the mud/mire, stain, taint, smear, disgrace, dishonor,bring discredit to, damage, debase, ruin, slander, malign, defame, besmear, smirch, breathe on
  • smirch
  • smear, smirch, denigrate, calumniate, asperse, sully, defame, slander
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I regard the continued campaign by some in the media to denigrate and besmirch the reputation of the Navy as quite outrageous.
‘They are attempting to besmirch his reputation in advance of the elections,’ she said.
How dare you besmirch my mother’s reputation?
A department spokesman said, ‘We don’t want our police officers doing things that could besmirch the reputation of our organization.’
He died for your freedom, the very freedom you use to besmirch his reputation.
It seems someone is trying to besmirch this council’s good name.
My family’s name has been besmirched by your victory over me, but your trickery can’t hope to save you now.
How much is your good name worth, and what would you do if you felt the media had besmirched your reputation?
In his death, they are surreptitiously besmirching his reputation to gain political protection.
He should be besmirched with smoke, grime, and the most rancid of grease.
Are you saying you have needlessly besmirched the reputation of the Secretary of State?
The insensitive Jane firmly replied that she had “no use for a husband with a flat head, a half-naked body and copper-colored skin besmirched with whale oil.”
What he is really worried about is how such a move would be received by the general public, but his reputation is now beyond besmirching .
His body was bruised, his hands were bleeding, and his rags were all besmirched with mud.
So in the end all you really are doing is besmirching reputations.
Its members believe that one of the figures central to their faith has been besmirched and defamed.
I have tried to keep my reputation – to fight for my reputation – while it’s been besmirched , and I have tried to do it in a way that brings honor to the House.
‘If employees aren’t treated with common decency and respect in a layoff, the company’s reputation isbesmirched in many eyes,’ she says.
The case has shown how easy it is for a hard-working and respected professional to have their name and reputation besmirched by one wild accusation.
Her name will, quite rightly, be besmirched and sullied until all eternity.
The rolling gates that protect the building’s main entrance are rusted and besmirched with grime.
The body of King Richard III was treated with much indignity. Trussed naked over a horse andbesmirched with mud, it was borne in parade to Leicester, a sad spectacle.
Inevitably, exposure awaits, and often exposure which will damage innocent people who will bebesmirched , so audacious is the extent of the crime.
At no stage did any of these worthies think it necessary to do some fact-checking before besmirchingthe reputation of a former cabinet officer.
That would be truly despicable of the Senate to allow his reputation to be permanently besmirched .
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