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lowland, valley
daerah lembah
dataran yg rendah
Definisi lowland
low-lying country.
economic power gravitated toward the lowlands
In the summer, they breed on marshy, lowland tundra at the northern limits of the boreal forest.
lowland farming
Alpine regions, lowland forests and wetlands all have characteristic species.
The study area is a fragmented landscape of lowland tropical rainforest surrounded by roads, cultivated fields and pasturelands.
lowland farming
Rising sea levels for Tuvalu have created serious lowland flooding.
The refuges were mainly areas of lowland rainforest that survived when savanna became more widely distributed in colder and drier episodes.
The topography of Kerala could be divided into highland, midland and lowland areas.
But up in the mountains there are not these extensive areas of lowland tundra where all the birds and the musk oxen can live.
Greystones Farm is a site of special scientific interest, with lowland wet meadow in which orchids flourish.
It primarily grazes and rests on highland or lowland desert, semidesert or steppe.
Roughly made thonged sandals were worn only in lowland areas where the terrain was rocky.
It is believed that the hardest-hit areas will be on the mainland, especially the lowlands .
They often move into wooded lowlands in winter, but there is no consistent migration.
The north-east of England is a land where uplands and lowlands meet, and are never far apart.
It features everything from snow-capped mountains and river canyons to the lowlands of the Amazon basin.
To the west lie the Bordeaux lowlands and the Gironde Estuary, to the south the plains of Languedoc, and to the east the Rhône valley.
Both uplands and lowlands possess a variety of soils.
Both in the uplands and the lowlands insects continued to represent an astonishing diversity of forms.
Then a civil war in 1994 brought an influx of lowlanders with malaria to Karuzi.
Highlanders created a much wider array of networks for themselves than did lowlanders , crossing political and parochial borders in their migrations, marriages, and criminal collusion.
Highlanders (those living inland, particularly in mountain areas) tend to see lowlanders (those living in the cities and towns around the coast) as untrustworthy and Westernized.
The valleys have not lost their character but agricultural and industrial changes have depopulated some areas and opened others to an influx of lowlanders seeking holiday and retirement homes.
Compared with the surrounding terrain, Niamakoroni’s lowlands are relatively lush.
The Buddha was born in the Terai lowlands near the foothills of the Himalayas just inside the borders of modern-day Nepal.
Both tree species are common in primary and secondary forests, from uplands to lowlands .
He confirms that the pillars are those of a burnt house in a burnt village, which the villagers allege was torched by lowlanders and forestry rangers.
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