Terjemahan dari drone
buzz, hum, drone, purr
buzz, hum, drone, purr, propaganda
rumble, thunder, peal, drone, din, crasher
lebah jantan
idler, slacker, sluggard, lazy person, lazybones, drone
buzz, drone
berbicara dgn membosankan
drone, prose
Definisi drone
a low continuous humming sound.
he nodded off to the drone of the car engine
sinonim: hum, buzz, whirr, vibration, murmur, purr
a male bee in a colony of social bees, which does no work but can fertilize a queen.
According to scientific descriptions, a honeybee colony consists of one queen, several thousand worker bees, and at certain times of the year, a few to several thousand drones , or male bees.
make a continuous low humming sound.
in the far distance a machine droned
sinonim: hum, buzz, whirr, vibrate, murmur, rumble, purr
  • hum, buzz, whirr, vibration, murmur, purr
  • hanger-on, parasite, leech, passenger, bottom feeder, idler, loafer, layabout, good-for-nothing,do-nothing, lazybones, scrounger, sponger, freeloader, slacker
  • poke, lagger, trailer, dawdler, laggard
  • monotone, droning
  • bourdon
  • hum, buzz, whirr, vibrate, murmur, rumble, purr
  • speak boringly, go on and on, talk at length, intone, pontificate, spout, sound off, jaw, spiel,speechify, bloviate
  • drone on
Lebih sedikit sinonim
The silence outside. Living so close to Kennedy Airport, the sound of planes getting ready to land is a constant drone throughout the day.
We were silent for a few moments, the drone of the lesson buzzing like a fly in my ears.
I rolled my eyes as Clarissa continued to drone on.
‘There’s something you want to say,’ he said, studying her complacent gaze as the even drone of the moving car overtook her senses.
In that drone Harley heard an echo of the blues, but he also heard something deeper.
Zac talked in a monotonous drone about the hidden treasures of Egypt, the esoteric wisdom that Aristotle stole, or was it Plato, and then the Egyptians forgot everything.
Noises such as the drone of cicadas, the crackling of branches, flies buzzing, and the calls of birds had drowned out in her thoughts.
Tobias couldn’t hear himself scream over the drone of planes and noise of the explosions rattling the earth all around him.
With a nuclear ballistic missile against a drone , a near miss was counted as a hit.
The marching of our feet rings out in unison, an endless drone accompanied by the clattering hooves of the knights’ horses.
On a personal note, several of my most powerful dreams have involved a rising drone or chanting sound.
While Doria and Denardo clearly embrace the primal power of the drone , their sound is loud but not dissonant or cacophonous, and is seldom if ever grating but instead clean.
the drone rose by a third to A
only twenty minutes of the hour-long drone had passed
The foreman on that building site was approached last week about it and I will continue to drone on about it until is has been sorted.
Even when warm and cruising on the motorway it gives off a drone , and tyre noise also intrudes.
You also have the drone bee that doesn’t do anything except fertilise the young queens.
This great change manifested itself in a sudden tiredness and slight nausea as the speaker’s monotonous drone confirmed exactly the opposite.
The drone begins to sound similar to a vacuum cleaner sucking up all the surrounding life.
Overhead, a drone whirred menacingly, and a helicopter gunship cruised the coast.
Isabella listened to the drone of his monotonous voice, and did as he said.
Colonel Donovan could hear the resonating booms above the noisy drone of the plane’s engine.
Very few listened to the monotonous drone of the teacher as he explained proofs and parabolas.
How else can they drone on about the same boring subject continuously?
Patrick continued to drone on, and had not spotted them.
Finally, her right hand slowed and then stopped, although her left hand continued the drone for a few notes before it, too fell still.
The first thing I heard when I put in this CD and pressed ‘Play’ was a weird drone that sounded more like an air raid than anything else my fatigued brain could think of.
Gliders and microlights have replaced wartime bombers at Rufforth Airfield, and they fly over a York very different to that which once echoed to the drone of the Halifax engines.
In fact, most serious energy enthusiasts are keen to distance themselves from those wacky New Age types who drone on about our energy fields being affected by karmic laws.
As she walked along the streets of Manhattan, the consistent drone of the cars fading into the background, she began to wonder about her going to New York in the first place.
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