Terjemahan dari amidst
di kalangan
amid, amidst
di tengah-tengah
midst, amid, amidst, in the thick of
Contoh amidst
There was quite a bit of tartan, along with the more traditionally sombre garb, and many smiles amidstthe tears.
Eggs hidden inside the cab of a toy truck or amidst the set of wooden blocks will add to the excitement of the search.
I spotted her amidst a sea of umbrellas and waved goodbye even as she smiled and pointed one finger to the sky.
We lie in dappled shade amidst cawing crows, wave sound, a sprinkler playing on the short grass.
The paintings recapture the memory of a grand era amidst the debris of contemporary history.
Soaking in the sun amidst the abundant culture around, I sat back on a bench, smugly pleased with myself.
What really stood out for me was a minor drama amidst all the clowning about and grandstanding for the media.
Isn’t it amazing how these people continue to keep their day jobs amidst this kind of mediocrity?
There’s a strong whiff of testosterone amidst the anti-bacterial spray and truffle odour.
True, it’s quite possibly the weakest song on the album, but its only sin is being merely good amidstgreatness.
The place was a mess of brambles and graffiti, but amidst the wreckage I found a fine piece of Victorian statuary.
The critical things seem to be getting lost amidst proposals to do everything.
Rome is the opposite; it’s the workers who feel guilty amidst so many ostentatious tourists.
First of all what strikes a nature lover is that it is a green jungle island amidst an ocean of concrete jungle.
It projects the densely built cityscape amidst a set of evocative photographs of the city.
Everyone loves finding a letter from a friend or loved one amidst the stack of bills.
These seem to have been sidelined amidst all the hoopla surrounding the rights issue.
The discussion then tends to wither and die off amidst all the the confusion.
Guess who appeared on the stage amidst colourful smoke in a cinematic fashion!
It was an experience to stand amidst a countless variety of brilliantly hued wild flowers.



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