Terjemahan dari phoney
false, counterfeit, bogus, spurious, phony, phoney
spurious, false, phony, phoney, faithless
tdk sungguh-sungguh
giddy, half-hearted, lip-deep, shallow, make-believe, phoney
seorang palsu
phony, phoney
seorang lancung
phoney, phony
Definisi phony
not genuine; fraudulent.
I thought your accent was a bit phony
sinonim: bogus, false, fake, fraudulent, spurious, counterfeit, forged, feigned, pseudo, imitation, sham, man-made, mock, ersatz, synthetic, artificial, simulated, pretended, contrived, affected, insincere, inauthentic, pretend, put-on
  • fake, phony, bogus, bastard
  • bogus, false, fake, fraudulent, spurious, counterfeit, forged, feigned, pseudo, imitation, sham,man-made, mock, ersatz, synthetic, artificial, simulated, pretended, contrived, affected,insincere, inauthentic, pretend, put-on
  • fake, bogus, phoney, bastard
Contoh phoney
Labour has cooked up this phoney row just to manufacture cheap headlines on the eve of a general election.
The report was triggered in part by a $146-million fraud uncovered last year in which the department paid phoney invoices during a 10-year period.
So what touchstone can we use to distinguish genuine from phoney forwardists?
Access to the properties is gained by putting a phoney offer down.
These offer a phoney impression of simplicity, reducing complex manifesto policies to a few slogans.
From the photograph down, everything was a fraud and a phoney .
Sadly, phoney clinics offer spurious tests which will diagnose allergies in virtually anybody.
Who could have failed to see that there were no manufacturer’s name or address or ingredients or shelf-life on the packages of the phoney milk powder?
He’ll continue to have a hard time convincing voters he isn’t a dangerous and phoney pretender with no business shooting higher than, say, the Sports Ministry.
But any moment the spell might fail, their eyes would be opened and they would realise I was a fraud, aphoney .
Perhaps he can find some money to put towards some genuine tax reform by clamping down on thesephoney charities.
Three illegal aliens are accused of using phony documents to get jobs at a U.S. military base.
She was very acute at spotting the fake and the phony .
It all smacks of phoniness and opportunism to me.
The newspaper’s editorial asserts that the Oklahoma City bomber’s comments reveal ‘a mind warped by self-induced militancy and by a detached, phonily objective language of profit and loss.’
The phoniness is in not speaking a real language or dialect.
It’s true to say that there always have been and always will be phonies and charlatans claiming psychic powers either for profit or for notoriety.
But isn’t there also a growing problem with counterfeit phony drugs, pharmaceuticals, as well?
Why are you playing the edges; why bother to debunk, why spend your time exposing people that are outright frauds, phonies , or who are merely self deluded?
You have to show genuine empathy, not phony sympathy.
It’s too late, of course, and Affleck is forced to maintain his phony identity, fake his way through the casino hit, and hope he makes it alive to final credits.
But this argument is largely a phony because the filibuster rules have been changed by the Democrats in the past.
At the conclusion of each episode, the one phony is revealed.
But other merchants recognized the bills as phonies right away.
Holden Caulfield, the hero of JD Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, was its Shakespeare, articulating its half-formed hatred and its simmering resentment of phoniness .
A phony Tiffany brand watch, whose genuine model carries 160,000 yen price tag in Japan, is on sale for 150 yuan.
I’m a fake, a phony , a fraud, an impostor, and a charlatan of the worse degree.
In the interview, he phonily claims he ‘just wanted to have fun tonight.’
I never feel comfortable at an upscale restaurant, where I often feel like a phony trying to fake clever conversation, social appropriateness, and political correctness.
People who have true family values live by them, while deviant phonies incessantly talk about them.
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