Being Nagged

Being Nagged

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It is difficult to change someone‘s opinion by badgering him. The child who begs his mother to “get off his back” when she implores him for some assistance with the household drudgery, may very well plead interminably for some special privilege when he wants something for himself. How paradoxical that neither is able to perceive that no one likes being nagged.

Untuk memahami arti kata “being nagged”, tentu kita harus merujuk ke akar katanya, yaitu “nag”. “Nag” artinya mengomel atau menggerutu. jadi “being nagged” artinya “diomelin” 😀

Beberapa Arti "Nag" :

a person who nags someone.
Women put up with it because we don’t want to be perceived as nags or, worse still, incompetent.
a horse, especially one that is old or in poor health.
He’d come all the way on a poor nag who should have been retired to the pastures a long time ago.

Contoh-contoh Kalimat

  • But I certainly wouldn’t want to be using my time to nag people about smoking and exercising.
  • Every day, we would nag my big sister Nadia to find out when our mother was going to come and fetch us.
  • I’ll never forget the look on her face the first time she sat on the old nag !
  • I earn my living with my horse and wagon, and this morning my nag died.
  • It’s a persistent nag , an ever-present question mark.
  • Three crowns and an old nag she’d borrowed from a student (whose tribal language homework she’d done in exchange) would not buy her that automobile.
  • My parents know what I do, and whilst not thrilled, are resigned enough not to nag me and trust that this is a temporary situation.
  • She will not nag you and will always be the first to admit she was wrong when you’ve had a disagreement.
  • We extend a welcome to all you women who constantly nag your husbands to complete those unfinished jobs, now is your chance to learn the skills yourself.
  • Molly, the horse I ride most often, is difficult, I think she’d be better off as a one rider horse than a Riding school nag.
  • I had to nag him a bit, but he did go to get it checked because he doesn’t usually have a cough, so this was something different.
  • he felt once again that little nag of doubt
  • This old nag is the supposedly wonderfully well-bred mare you’re trying to sell me?
  • What I am getting at is, what if this person was a nag or very critical?
  • I used to nag her but she refused to live under a siege mentality.
  • I’m adjusting my diet but it may be time to go nag the doctor for a change of medication.
  • One of his horses runs today, another tomorrow, and his final nag will run on Saturday.
  • Instead of pristine white snow, you’ll get a drab gray winter wonderland; instead of an inky-black horse, you’ll get a gray nag .
  • the old nag the lad fetched smelled sweaty
  • But it’s not just any old nag , it’s the champion racehorse Rock of Gibraltar – winner of seven consecutive Group One races.
  • All I can do is offer tea and sympathy and resist the urge to nag him to go see a dentist.
  • So I nag them, they nag me, and it’s a collaborative effort.
  • I knew my life would be hell because she would nag me all the way through.
  • he felt a little nag of doubt
  • He jokingly refuted suggestions his horse won the race because of rumours the nag had been given steroids.
  • He’d come all the way on a poor nag who should have been retired to the pastures a long time ago.
  • He hadn’t meant to kill her, but if there was anything he hated more than a cheater, it was a nagger .
  • Wallace nagged his father, an accountant, to take him to a meeting during the by-election.
  • Louis sat back down and tried to enjoy his breakfast, but worry nagged at him and he lost his appetite.
  • Callie was about to shut down the file when something in the back of her mind began nagging .