Terjemahan dari agitator
instigator, firebrand, agitator, incendiary
burner, incendiary, firebug, agitator
nettle, stinging nettle, agitator
pemutar dlm mesin cuci otomatis
Definisi agitator
a person who urges others to protest or rebel.
an activist and agitator who fought for striking miners
sinonim: troublemaker, rabble-rouser, agent provocateur, demagogue, incendiary, revolutionary, firebrand, rebel, insurgent, subversive, disturber
an apparatus for stirring liquid, as in a washing machine or a photographic developing tank.
Inadequate agitation can result if the agitator control valve is not adjusted properly or if the pump has inadequate capacity.
  • troublemaker, rabble-rouser, agent provocateur, demagogue, incendiary, revolutionary,firebrand, rebel, insurgent, subversive, disturber
  • fomenter
Inadequate agitation can result if the agitator control valve is not adjusted properly or if the pump has inadequate capacity.
Agitasi yang tidak memadai dapat terjadi jika katup kontrol agitator tidak disesuaikan dengan benar atau jika pompa memiliki kapasitas yang tidak memadai.

He was a constant agitator against the Communist government that rose to power in 1948, and was jailed for nine months in 1950 for one of his writings.

Dia adalah agitator terus-menerus melawan pemerintah Komunis yang naik ke tampuk kekuasaan pada tahun 1948, dan dipenjara selama sembilan bulan pada tahun 1950 karena salah satu tulisannya.

The G family of alloys has excellent resistance to phosphoric acid and has been used in wet-process phosphoric acid evaporators, agitator shafts, pumps, and in the handling of superphosphoric acid.

G family alloy memiliki ketahanan yang sangat baik terhadap asam fosfat dan telah digunakan dalam evaporator asam fosfat proses basah, poros agitator, pompa, dan dalam penanganan asam superfosfat.

Less well known is the fact that she was a Communist and an agitator all her adult life, campaigning against war and exploitation.

Yang kurang dikenal adalah kenyataan bahwa dia adalah seorang Komunis dan agitator sepanjang kehidupan dewasanya, berkampanye menentang perang dan eksploitasi.

In short, it can encourage faith in the professional negotiator rather than the revolutionary agitator .

Singkatnya, ini dapat mendorong keyakinan pada negosiator profesional daripada agitator revolusioner.

The agitator or pulsator is a propeller-like device, usually a concave disc fixed to the center, that creates the vertical-axis rotating action.

It is the soldier, not the agitator , who has given us the freedom to protest.
The conveying unit includes an agitator rotated about a rotary shaft and a conveying sheet fixed to theagitator and scooping up and conveying toner to the toner replenishing roller.
an activist and agitator who fought for striking miners
Arguing and bickering wasn’t going to change her tormentors’ mind set, and Selina, for one, was not anagitator nor instigator.
Pressure at the spray nozzles is determined by the setting of the agitator control valve and the pressure regulator, the capacity of the pump and the pressure loss in lines and fittings between the pressure gauge and the nozzles.
a political agitator
I can turn on any agitator or pump with this system.
Depending on ideological preference, people blamed politicians or generals, Communist agitators or Fascist fifth columnists, school-teachers or industrialists, the middle classes or the working classes.
Protest was the work of agitators , they argued, and it could be halted by removing the leadership.
In the recent past, there have been protests wherein agitators had either blindfolded themselves or gagged their mouths to express their ire.
Applications include valve nuts, cam bearings, impellers, hangers in pickling baths, agitators , crane gears and connecting rods.
Washing machines replaced the wash tub and their mechanical agitators replaced women poling their clothes in steaming, sudsy water.
So the crew, which included several revolutionary agitators , killed many of the officers, took control of the ship, and cruised around the Black Sea.
Furthermore, the authorities must speed up the investigative checks on the detained protesters to ensure that those who were lured into the protest by agitators are set free as soon as possible to return to their loved ones.
And, they portray the quest for human rights as the subversion of law and order by foreign agitatorsand enemies of true religion.
The video footages clearly showed that despite policemen showing a lot of restraint, the agitatorsprovoked them, culminating in the police using force.
They were agitators , fomenting revolution and stirring up the working class, and they had to be taught a lesson.
Member of the Bassi Mubarikpur Truck Operators Union, the Welcome Canters Union and the Three-Wheelers Union joined the agitators this morning and protested against the highhandedness of the department employees.
Keeping a sharp eye out for outside civil rights instigators and labor organizer agitators , they are immediately suspicious when he appears in town.
We’re usually talking here about huge buildings stuffed full of crushers, agitators , thickeners, ball mills, conveyors, cyclones, screening plants and other vital equipment.
This is the language one traditionally associates with authoritarian rulers who regard social protests to be merely the work of irresponsible agitators .
But for many the policy evokes a chapter of the country’s history they would wish to forget – the McCarthy-inspired witch-hunts of the 1950s, aimed at rooting out communist agitators .
Thus, for the government, the riots were outbursts of anarchic criminality, often fomented by outsideagitators .
They look for work at another large farm and find agitators attempting to keep migrants from taking work as a protest against unfair wages.



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