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Terjemahan dari solace
consolation, solace, reassurance, entertainment, refuge
entertainment, amusement, consolation, comfort, solace, pastime
pelipur lara
entertainer, comforter, consolation, entertainment, reassurance, solace
entertain, comfort, amuse, console, cheer up, solace
console, entertain, solace, hearten
Definisi solace
comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.
she sought solace in her religion
sinonim: comfort, consolation, cheer, support, relief
give solace to.
I see religion as only a way of asking unanswerable questions, of sharing the joy of a community of quest, and solacing one another in our ignorance.
sinonim: comfort, console, cheer, support, soothe, calm
  • comfort, consolation, cheer, support, relief
  • solacement
  • solacement, consolation
  • consolation, comfort
  • comfort, console, cheer, support, soothe, calm
  • console, soothe, comfort
Lebih sedikit sinonim
They were also welcomed into homes and hearts, finding solace and friendship in the most unlikely places.
Living in a hard land, they work hard, and play hard and take solace in simple pleasures.
The church is always linked with humility and a place where people seek solace .
she sought solace in her religion
Perhaps he read it when he was in Monterey to solace his wounded feelings.
She found solace for her grief by teaching herself to sew using an embroidery kit.
I will be seeking solace in the long scarf, basking in its warmth like a lover’s embrace.
Her husband died last year and she finds solace for her grief in her gardens and work with plants.
Her advice was often comfort and solace in itself and her ways were the ways of goodness and serenity.
So I headed back home for my fishing gear, hoping to find some solace in a good fight with a trout.
Some sought the help of professionals, while others found solace in their friends.
Little Chelsea seeks solace in her imaginary friend called Jodie.
His gentle presence was often a source of comfort and solace in itself.
Classic stories tell of men who fight wars and abandon kingdoms to find solace in their young love.
He and his wife go out to Walter Reed and Bethesda all the time to provide comfort and solace .
The night before Kirsteen died, she wrote a poem called The Paths of Life, and that offered me somesolace amid the sadness.
At a moment when Smith fears she is ruined, she seeks solace and comfort from a clergyman.
He wanted to stay near so she could reach out for him when she most needed his comfort and solace .
So many times she wanted to turn back and seek solace in the comfort of her home and family.
The doors of the sanctuary will open for one month to families seeking solace .
He reminded me of a loving grandpa to whom a grandchild could run to for solace and comfort.
Mary has been the source of solace and consolation in times of anxiety.
she sought solace in her religion
The soft fur solaced me little, and I distractedly wished the bear could soothe the aching sensation in my heart.
If a person solaces himself for being fat by eating more, he’s going to eat more to solace himself for the extra weight.
An old woman, having drank until she is unable to walk, is put into a wheelbarrow, and in that situation is solaced with another glass.
I see religion as only a way of asking unanswerable questions, of sharing the joy of a community of quest, and solacing one another in our ignorance.
They sat in silence, solacing themselves in each other’s tears.



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