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Terjemahan dari malign
slander, malign, defame, vilify, libel, backbite
ruin, spoil, undermine, harm, impair, malign
harm, hurt, prejudice, do harm, injure, malign
rot, malign, addle, decay, discredit, canker
vilify, slander, discredit, malign, blacken
evil, bad, wicked, malicious, sinister, malign
malicious, envious, jealous, mean, sulphurous, malign
yg merugikan
prejudicial, injurious, calamitous, adverse, damnific, malign
yg merusak
baneful, mordant, detrimental, pestilential, deleterious, malign
grudging, malicious, malign
yg memfitnah
slanderous, calumnious, calumniatory, detractive, detractory, malign
yg membusukkan
cankerous, malign
yg memburuk-burukkan
Definisi malign
evil in nature or effect; malevolent.
she had a strong and malign influence
sinonim: harmful, evil, bad, baleful, hostile, inimical, destructive, malignant, injurious, malefic, maleficent
speak about (someone) in a spitefully critical manner.
don’t you dare malign her in my presence
sinonim: defame, slander, libel, blacken someone’s name/character, smear, vilify, speak ill of, cast aspersions on, run down, traduce, denigrate, disparage, slur, abuse, revile, badmouth, dis, knock, talk smack, derogate, calumniate
  • harmful, evil, bad, baleful, hostile, inimical, destructive, malignant, injurious, malefic,maleficent
  • malefic, evil, malevolent
  • defame, slander, libel, blacken someone’s name/character, smear, vilify, speak ill of, cast aspersions on, run down, traduce, denigrate, disparage, slur, abuse, revile, badmouth, dis,knock, talk smack, derogate, calumniate
  • traduce, badmouth
We should not believe that this malign aspect of human nature which sleeps in all of us has gone away or will ever go away.
In that climate of malign neglect, the bureau’s ills were allowed to fester.
Manifest in the two friends’ fortunes is the malign effect of commercialism.
The piece centred on the malign effect he believes environmental sceptics have on discussion of pollution and industrialisation.
Politicians concern themselves predominantly and directly with the malign influence that broadcasting might exert on its audiences.
The humanity of the characters is never totally eclipsed by their more malign traits.
He did not set out to falsely malign anyone or advance some hidden political agenda.
He accurately intuited that all power is essentially implacable and malign .
In the poorest parts of the world, such images are said to have a particularly malign influence.
Whilst not sent with any malign intent, the letter was an ” oppressive document”.
The place is populated by endearing eccentrics who eat seal-flipper pie and brood darkly on the sea’smalign nature.
Even from beyond the legislative grave, Section 28 continues to exercise its malign influence.
And we can’t really know how far his malign influence has spread.
Professor Snape is a malign influence and should be given a spell away.
The American Empire emerges, then, not as a complex phenomenon with some good effects and somemalign ones.
The worst aspect of science fiction/science fantasy books is their malign neglect of the laws of economics.
After hours spent quelling the fire with cold water, ‘he succumbed to a fever so malign that in just a few days he expired in the icy embrace of death.’
A misguided strategy, but not, I think, a malign one.
Racism of some kind is just about universal but some forms are much more malign than others.
But what of the few, the very few, who are not allowed to watch TV, whose elders have decided that it is a malign influence?
Why were the Lanarkshire whistle-blowers accused of malign intent for demanding early action?
But it was no match for the malign tumor, first detected just last spring, his colleagues said.
Government policy has a massive and usually malign effect.
Hysteria was at one time thought to be caused by the womb moving upwards due to the influence ofmalign humours.
Therapeutic measures such as bleeding and purging, designed originally to get rid or excess or malignhumours, continued to be used.
He is laughing, with a touch of anger in his laughter, but no triumph, no malignity .
Kevin also gives himself the opportunity to vent a lot of anger and frustration out at the film industry, Internet maligners and, um, more Internet maligners.
Tommy went on to pay tribute to the county footballers, saying they are often maligned .
Men have been so maligned by our society that they are not taken seriously when they protest.
Now that we have Camilla installed, her champion wrote, should we still be maligning this lady?



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