Terjemahan dari intrude
interfere, bother, disturb, disrupt, interrupt, intrude
impose, enforce, compel, assert, make, intrude
masuk tanpa diundang
crash in, intrude
Definisi intrude
put oneself deliberately into a place or situation where one is unwelcome or uninvited.
he had no right to intrude into their lives
(of igneous rock) be forced or thrust into (a preexisting formation).
the granite may have intruded these rock layers
  • encroach on, impinge on, interfere in, trespass on/upon, infringe on, obtrude on/into, invade,violate, disturb, disrupt, interrupt, meddle in, barge in on, horn in on, muscle in on, poke one’s nose into
  • trespass
  • horn in, poke, nose, pry
  • irrupt
  • obtrude
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For now, he is concerned by Edinburgh council’s plans to build a glass cage over the Waverley Steps entrance to the railway station, which he says will intrude on the side elevation of the Balmoral.
to intrude political criteria into military decisions risks reducing efficiency
Numerous undated granitic and dioritic plutons intrude the Palaeozoic rocks and form large areas of Karlik Tagh and Barkol Tagh.
They intrude Upper Carboniferous host rocks (Westphalian B-C), but do not penetrate the Permian units.
Men of low status were not always intimidated by such judgments and even colonial women occasionally acted as a group to intrude their own moral sensibilities onto the public stage.
We simply cannot force God to come before people; people need to intrude themselves before God.
Even the identifying ‘watermark’ that programmes sometimes have in the corner of the screen is not there – so as not to intrude on the programme.
he had no right to intrude into their lives
I have to cover the constitution today, so I don’t know how much I’ll be able to update this, but I imagine the politics of the street will intrude on the politics of the constitution today.
It also goes to show that in both countries, the rights of the majority intrude on the minority – on Muslims in Singapore and non-Muslims in Malaysia.
But the case prompted a wave of protests by students and faculty, who argued that the arrangement gave the FBI the ability to intrude on the privacy rights of foreign nationals.
Beauty will not intrude on proceedings when the bell sounds on Saturday for a bout between two fighters, one explosively combative, the other composed and skillful.
Here balances tend to be off kilter in a few places: listen, for example, to the brawny horn intrude on the lovely alternate theme in the first movement.
He remembers his African upbringing fondly, at least up until civil disturbances began to intrude on his world.
It will be totally out of character with the neighbouring housing, will intrude on the privacy of neighbouring residents, and would impinge substantially on their visual amenity.
he had no right to intrude into their lives
to intrude political criteria into military decisions risks reducing efficiency
I think he would regard it as a kind of emotional cheating or play-acting – consciously to intrude the personality into the work.
And it cannot cross the line into attempts to intrude on the court’s authority and punish judges for making decisions one doesn’t like.
While the fact their child is a resident also means that, aside from helping their children out financially, they can also check up on their children’s welfare without appearing to intrude on their new-found freedom.
With the governor’s decree, and the state of Florida’s law, this is a clear case between how far the state can go to intrude itself in your life.
But some residents are concerned that another course will accelerate St Andrews’ conversion into a golfing ‘theme park’ and intrude on green belt land.
There are some wood panels, which may not be to everyone’s taste, but overall the use of plastics leathers and metals is subtle enough not to intrude on the general effect of an elegant ambiance.
What right have these thoughtless people to intrude their noise on the whole neighbourhood?
politics quickly intrude into the booklet
They did not want the real effects of the war to intrude on the reality-TV version being broadcast to the public.
Planning officers say in their report the mast would intrude on the landscape, because of its raised position above the Kendal bypass, and its closeness to Grade ll-listed High Helsfell Farm.
the noise began to intrude into her thoughts
And there are also concerns some of the Government’s proposed changes will intrude on the independence of Australian universities.
Isn’t actual reality starting to intrude on minds that have effectively blocked it for the past couple years?
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