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Terjemahan dari emissary
envoy, emissary, representative, deputy, runner
envoy, emissary, minister
vice, representative, deputy, agent, proxy, emissary
messenger, emissary, envoy
Definisi emissary
a person sent on a special mission, usually as a diplomatic representative.
He sent his agents, emissaries to her with fabulous temptations but the virtuous 1ady rebuffed them, one and all.
sinonim: envoy, ambassador, delegate, attaché, consul, plenipotentiary, agent, representative, deputy, messenger, courier, nuncio
  • envoy, ambassador, delegate, attaché, consul, plenipotentiary, agent, representative, deputy,messenger, courier, nuncio
  • envoy
More importantly, he actually sent an emissary to Pakistan.
King Torva sent an emissary to find out what was going on.
An emissary was sent to Suva, to relay first-hand that nothing could be done.
In its place, he sent his emissary to negotiate a plan for greater autonomy.
His status was important enough that he was even sent as an emissary to France to find a suitable mid-wife for the queen.
Do not fear, he has sailed as far as the Eastern continent, where I sent him as an emissary to the Tardonian colonies.
UN emissaries sent there had found that the camps were filthy and disease-ridden, not fit for human habitation.
He reaches the walls of the city, and the Romans, to save it from destruction, send emissaries , old friends of Coriolanus, to propose terms, but in vain.
Between 1960 and 1968, various emissaries were sent to try and persuade him to join government service in the new government but he refused.
All activities and combat operations of the militants are coordinated via emissaries who are sent to various places and points of action.
Kings and Emperors traditionally corresponded by messenger – their emissaries and couriers have always been subject to special protection.
To underline the point, he is sending emissaries to key countries in Europe and Asia, and Australia, for consultations.
He has sent emissaries both to Washington and to Baghdad to try to convince all parties involved to avoid that war.
This is not the time for striking back-room political deals, nor the time to send emissaries to our enemies.
He sent his agents, emissaries to her with fabulous temptations but the virtuous 1ady rebuffed them, one and all.
Through the night, Rais received emissaries sent to persuade him to call off the demonstration.
Queen Anne had sent emissaries through Protestant Europe seeking people willing to move.
After the marriage date is set, the groom sends out emissaries to personally invite friends and relatives to the wedding.
He sent out his emissaries to collect all the most advanced astronomical instruments that were being used by 18th century Europeans and Islamic astronomers.
The British sent emissaries here to promote trade.



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