What’s in a Name

Supermarket now carries their own products to compete with the national brands. Those “house” brands are not in a felicitous position because they cannot be advertised widely. Supermarkets overcome this encumbrance by making these brands less expensive. Many people believe the shibboleth, “You get what you pay for,” and they purchase items on the premise that quality varies as the price does. Are the claims mad by nationally advertised brands bogus? How can one bread company substantiate its nutritive superiority over another? As there is no incontrovertible evidence, the more expensive bi cad (or coffee, etc) must compensate by increased advertising. They make inordinate claims, using those raucous technique proven so successful in convincing the frugal consumer to switch to a more costly brand.

  • felicitous – sangat tepat/baik, menguntungkan
  • encumbrance- pembebanan, rintangan, hambatan
  • shibboleth- semboyan
  • bogus- palsu, tiruan, gadungan
  • incontrovertible – tak terbantahkan
  • bicad
  • inordinate- banyak sekali
  • raucous – parau, serak, making or constituting a disturbingly harsh and loud noise.
  • frugal – hemat, cermat, ugahari



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