From A to Z

Ellis Sloane, a teacher of science at a large metropolitan high school, first paid little attention to the fact that his two biology classes were so disparate in their performance. In most schools the classes are alphabetically heterogeneous, with youngsters’ name running in the gamut from Adam to Zilch. But Biology 121 had only A’s and B’s, whereas Biology 128 had T’s, V’s, W’s, and Z’s. Mr. Sloane, a perspicacious teacher, began to perceive differences between the two groups: while their reading scores and I.Q.’s were roughly analogous, it was apparent that Biology 128 was replete with maladjusted students, while Biology 121 had the normal ones.

  • disparate –  erbeda
  • gamut – urutan keseluruhan
  • perspicacious – tajam pikiran
  • perceive – melihat, mengetahui
  • apparent – clearly visible or understood; obvious.
  • maladjusted – yang tidak dapat menyesuaikan diri



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