Well Done, Sir Knight!

Seeking his adversaries the knight rides to their hide-out. Despite his callow appearance, he is reputed to disdain danger and to be prodigious horseman. The kidnappers lose their equanimity at his approach. They are appalled at the prospect, and they are quandary as to which one will meet him on the field of combat. The leader, under duress, rides out. “Do you have a penchant to die?” derides the knight. More vituperative remark follow. They spur their horses toward each other. It takes but one blow for our hero to decapitate the villain. The others flee to avoid their imminent destruction. The knight takes the maiden on his horse, and they ride back to the castle. Their wedding soon follows. Little does the knight realize that their fair maiden is a garrulous termagant who will make his life miserable with caustic remark. Still, the cliché, “And they lived happily ever after,” must conclude our fabricated tale.

  • adversaries – musuh, lawan, penentang
  • callow – muda, masih hijau, belum berpengalaman
  • reputed – terkenal, yg dianggap/mempunyai nama baik
  • disdain – meremehkan, memandang rendah
  • prodigious – luar biasa, menakjubkan, hebat
  • equanimity – ketenangan, kesabaran, keseimbangan batin
  • appalled – menggemparkan, mengerikan, menakutkan, greatly dismay or horrify.
  • quandary – kebingungan, dilema, kesulitan
  • penchant – kegemaran, kecondongan
  • derides – mencemooh, mengejek, menertawakan
  • vituperative – bersifat mengutuk/mengumpat
  • spur – memacu, mendorong, menggertak
  • decapitate – memenggal, memancung
  • villain – penjahat, bajingan, bandit
  • flee – melarikan diri, mengungsi, minggat
  • maiden – gadis, perawan
  • garrulous – cerewet, banyak omong/ngomel
  • termagant – kurang ajar, tidak sopan



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