“Tried and True”

Few question the propriety of the current haste on the part of manufacturers to bring out “new and improved” products at the prevalent rate. At one time, in the dim, distant past before the advertised on the merits of their “tried and true”, qualities. Few advertisers were impious enough to jettison any part of a product that had been accepted by the public. Year after year, the local grocery-store owner would proffer the same box of cereal, the same house cleanser. The acceptance was of the time-tested product, and it appeared almost unconscionable for the manufacturer to change his merchandise. Today’s spate of transient product would have been considered an anomaly in those days.

  • propriety – kepatutan, kewajaran
  • haste- tergesa-gesa
  • prevalent- rajin, umum, merata, populer
  • dim- redup, suram
  • merits- pantas, patut
  • impious- fasik, jahat
  • jettison- membuang
  • proffer- mengajukan, menawarkan
  • unconscionable- not right or reasonable.
  • transient- sementara, tidak tetap
  • anomaly – kelainan, keanehan



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