Easy to Train

The chimpanzees are deemed  by scientist to be the closest to man of all living apes; consequently, they are fairly easy to train. Several years ago, two married researchers embarked on an interesting project: they reared and trained a chimp in almost the same manner as they would have raised a child. The animal did beautifully, convincing the couple of inherent ability of the chimpanzee. Cinema buffs who have seen Tarzan’s clever monkey romp through the jungle also recognize the latent intelligence of those animals.

  • deemed- dianggap
  • embark – mengambil bagian
  • reared- memelihara
  • inherent- melekat, yg menjadi sifatnya
  • buffs- penggemar
  • romp – berkejar-kejaran
  • latent – tersembunyi



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