Reading Wisely

Reading Wisely

A youngster who reads voraciously, though indiscriminately, does not necessarily gain in wisdom over the teenager who is more selective in his reading choices. A young man who has read the life story of every eminent athlete of the twentieth century, or a coed who has steeped herself in every social-protest novel she can get her hand on, may very well be learning all there is to know in a very limited area. But books are replete with many wonders that it is often discouraging to see bright young people limit their own experiences.

  • youngster
  • voracious
  • indiscriminate
  • necessarily
  • eminent
  • coed
  • steeped
  • replete
  • Youngster: A young person, typically a child or adolescent.
  • Voracious: Having a very eager or insatiable appetite or desire for something, whether it be food, knowledge, or experiences.
  • Indiscriminate: Lacking in discrimination or selectivity; not making careful distinctions or choices.
  • Necessarily: Inevitably or unavoidably; as a logical consequence or requirement.
  • Eminent: Highly respected or renowned; standing out or distinguished in a particular field or profession.
  • Coed: Referring to an educational institution or program that admits both male and female students.
  • Steeped: Immersed or saturated in a particular quality, tradition, or culture; deeply infused or surrounded by.
  • Replete: Filled or well-supplied with something; abundantly provided or characterized by a large amount or variety.


The Library Labyrinth

Elara, a mere youngster, was an anomaly in the hushed halls of the Grand Athenaeum. Unlike her eminent coeds, with their neatly bound textbooks and focused dissertations, Elara was a ravenous devourer of knowledge, voracious and indiscriminate. She would tackle dusty tomes on philosophy alongside forgotten cookbooks, devouring them whole without regard for academic hierarchy.

Some scoffed, calling her a dabbler, a butterfly flitting from subject to subject, never steeped in any. But Elara, unfazed, continued her intellectual feast, reveling in the sheer replete banquet of information.

One rainy afternoon, amidst the towering shelves, Elara stumbled upon a hidden chamber. Its ancient, leather-bound volumes thrummed with forgotten magic. Engrossed, she opened a book – not words, but intricate symbols danced on the page. A wave of dizziness washed over her, and she found herself transported to a fantastical world within the book.

There, she encountered talking animals, wise trees, and mischievous sprites. Her knowledge, once indiscriminate, became her weapon. She used her understanding of physics to build bridges, her grasp of history to decipher riddles, and her knowledge of mythology to appease grumpy griffins.

With each challenge, Elara understood the true value of her learning. It wasn’t about fitting into predefined categories, but about the interconnectedness of knowledge. Her diverse reading, once unnecessarily broad, now painted a vibrant tapestry of understanding.

Using her unique skillset, Elara navigated the fantastical world, helping its inhabitants and learning their ancient secrets. Finally, with a heavy heart, she prepared to return, realizing the library held magic far beyond its physical walls.

Back in the Athenaeum, she emerged with a newfound purpose. She started a club, “The Labyrinthine Readers,” welcoming all to explore knowledge without boundaries. The room buzzed with lively discussions, as diverse interests intertwined, proving that wisdom wasn’t found in singular paths, but in the vibrant, replete tapestry of learning. Elara, the once indiscriminate youngster, had become a beacon, showing others that the true magic lay not in specializing, but in embracing the boundless joy of exploration.



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